Days Gone Director Says “Never Say Never” In Sequel

Days Gone director Jeff Ross, who is no longer at Bend Studio, said in a new interview that fans should never say ever about Days Gone 2.

Open world zombie survival game Past days It is one of the most successful new IPs on PlayStation, but recent rumors suggest that Sony has no interest in continuing the franchise. With that said, the director of the first game, Jeff Ross (who left Bend Studio in late 2020), says that fans shouldn’t dismiss the idea of ​​a sequel being produced.

Past days released in 2019 to a mixed critical reception, but it was a huge commercial success. It was loved by many players and managed to sell many copies worldwide. It seemed like a sequel was a guarantee, but Days gone 2 was rejected by Sony after the shaky launch of the first game. Reports suggest that mixed critical reception was a factor in Sony’s decision, along with the game’s extensive and tumultuous production. It was believed that Bend Studios would do its best work on a different game, so it moved.

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On the other hand, Past days Director Jeff Ross recently spoke on a broadcast with David jaffe and said there is a possibility of a sequel happening, but not anytime soon. “Never say never to anything, it might not be right nowRoss said. He also praised Jason Schreier’s initial report, stating that Twitter that the journalist is able to convey things much more honestly than Ross due to the lack of NDA.

Sony reportedly began turning Bend Studio into an unofficial spinoff of Naughty Dog, dividing teams into the following Unexplored game and support work on a multiplayer project for a Naughty Dog title believed to be related to The last of us 2. Bend spent time leading the new Unexplored while Naughty Dog supervised, but the project eventually became unproductive and Bend requested a new unknown project. It’s unclear what the team is working on right now, but it seems like there are a lot of issues with Sony’s current state, at least as far as this unfortunate study is concerned.

Whether or not another Past days It’s an unknown possibility, but there is high demand for a sequel from fans. If Bend Studio’s next title is a hit, that could give the company enough bartering power to push for a sequel. Perhaps the new PC port of Past days Sony may start to change your mind too, if it makes a noticeable impression on your new audience, but at this point it’s hard to tell. Sony seems to be exclusively doubling down on its most prestigious titles like God of War Y The last of us; maybe Past days It just doesn’t fit that mold for the company despite high demand for a sequel.

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