Deleted scene from Star Wars: A Force Awakens better explains Finn’s first-order betrayal

In The Force Awakens, Finn of the First Order’s turn was preceded by the death of a stormtrooper. But, a deleted scene further clarified his defection.

The Star Wars The sequel trilogy introduced many unexpected new concepts to the franchise, including Starkiller Base, which was capable of destroying entire systems. However, one of the first surprises came with the defection of stormtrooper FN-2187 (John Boyega) from the First Order.

On The awakening of the force, Finn is part of a detachment of stormtroopers sent to Jakku, where Kylo Ren (Adam Driver) killed Lor San Tekka (Max von Sydow) and captured Poe Dameron (Oscar Isaac). However, that didn’t happen without a fight, and one of Finn’s squadmates died. With blood on his helmet, Finn began to question his actions as a stormtrooper and eventually defected from the First Order, escaping with Poe. But, Finn’s reason for betraying the Order became clearer in a deleted scene.

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In the deleted scene, titled “Finn and the Villager”, Finn meets a woman and her son in the village where the inhabitants were massacred. However, even though he aimed his blaster at her, he was unable to pull the trigger. The deleted scene helped show that his schedule was altered due to more than the death of a partner assault. While it is undeniable that the death of that particular soldier affected Finn, he would later kill hundreds of them as part of the Resistance and did not show the same concern that he felt for the one who died on Jakku.

The scene had also helped show what Finn’s most important character trait was in the movies – his worth of innocent life. What the deleted scene offered was an opportunity to show where that belief began. His hesitancy when confronted with the woman and child added to his internal conflict after watching one of his companions die. In the end, his decision to keep the others safe would be the main cause of most of his choices in the sequel trilogy.

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Finn’s desire to save others is best shown in the second film of the trilogy, The last jedi, where he chooses to sacrifice himself and ram his ship into the First Order’s siege cannon. While his plans don’t work out, he showed how much he believed in the Resistance’s cause and how his heroism affected his other members. One hero, in particular Rose Tico (Kelly Marie Tran), saved him from his suicide mission and reminded him that they needed to preserve life and fight for what they loved. The scene carried more weight when combined with the added impact of the deleted scene.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens introduced a cute and endearing character with Finn. However, his defection to the Resistance was never fully clarified in canon. The faster pace of the film also didn’t give the character enough time to explore the reasoning behind his betrayal. However, “Finn and the Villager” added depth to the character’s motivations and made his defection clearer.

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