Disney Plus’ Sulfur Springs Secrets Are Really Worth a Binge

Filled with ghosts and mysteries, Secrets of Sulfur Springs is well worth watching, despite the fact that it is advertised as a children’s show.

All episodes of Secrets of Sulfur Springs are currently available to stream on Disney +. For fans of ghosts and mysteries, the series is actually binge-worthy, even though it’s advertised as a children’s show.

Secrets of Sulfur Springs It begins when Bennett Campbell Jr. (Josh Braaten) moves his family from Chicago to the fictional town of Sulfur Springs in Louisiana. They move into the abandoned Tremont Hotel, which is on the same property where he attended summer camp as a child. However, when 12-year-old Griffin (Preston Oliver) goes to school, he discovers that there is a mysterious story behind his new home.

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According to legend, a young woman named Savannah (Elle Graham) disappeared from summer camp on the property three decades ago, and people say she still roams the hotel. As his younger brothers try to catch the ghost in the film, Griffin befriends a girl in his class named Harper (Kyliegh Curran), who is obsessed with the legend. Griffin and Harper find a hidden nuclear shelter while exploring the basement. When they emerge from heaven’s gate, they see the girl who is supposed to have disappeared 30 years ago.

Turns out the fallout shelter is a time machine. So, Griffin and Harper spend most of their time going back in time and trying to figure out why Savannah disappeared so many years ago. Griffin meets the child version of his father (Jake Melrose), and Harper meets Jess, his younger mother (Izabela Rose). They both know Savannah, and it’s not long before foul play appears to be a likely factor in Savannah’s disappearance, and her parents could be involved.

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Keeping everything a secret is difficult for Harper and Griffin. They get into trouble, are punished, and even run away at one point. Regardless, Bennett and Jess appear to be hiding things from their children, which seems to confirm that they were involved in Savannah’s disappearance.

Along with the time travel, Secrets of Sulfur Springs it also deals with multiple relevant topics. Jess is a single mother trying to connect with her daughter, but Harper only pushes her away. At one point, while traveling through time, Harper meets his father and tries to save him from death, but fails. He has to learn to cope and accept his mother’s help in the process. In another sequence, the show briefly deals with the realities of racism in the past.

At the end of Secrets of Sulfur Springs, Griffin and Harper have solved the mystery of Savannah, but they are far from over. The final shot sets out the possibilities for Season 2, when they come across another version of Harper, making it seem like they probably haven’t finished traveling through time and solving other mysteries.

Secrets of Sulfur Springs, starring Preston Oliver, Kyleigh Curran, Madeleine McGraw, Landon Gordon, Elle Graham, Jack Melrose, Josh Braaten, Kelly Frye, Diandra Lyle and Izabela Rose, is available to stream on Disney +.

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