Dragon Age: Inquisition’s dragon fights aren’t meant to be easy, but the Highland Ravager battle is one of the toughest boss fights in the game.

Dragon Age: Inquisition It wasn’t the first game in the franchise to introduce epic dragon fights, but it took these battles to a whole new level. Scattered across the continent are 11 high dragons, each of them a defiant boss in their own right. Facing these dragons yields epic loot, if the Inquisitor manages to survive the fight.

The Highland Ravager in Emprise du Lion is the highest ranked dragon in the main game with a massive level 23. Only Hakkon Wintersbreath, the dragon introduced in the Jaws of Hakkon The DLC is most powerful at level 25. But that doesn’t make the battle against Highland Ravager any less daunting.

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This dragon makes its home in Leontine’s Ring, which appears to be an ancient arena, the perfect setting to find a tall dragon. The Highland Ravager can only be accessed and challenged after the player uses the War Table to restore Judicael’s Crossing. Upon entering the newly opened region, the area’s dragons can often be seen circling overhead, but they do not attack until their territory has been violated.

The Ravager shares his territory with two other high dragons, which is not entirely unexpected for his race. Highland Ravagers tend to be vicious braggarts who like to cause massive destruction in the regions they claim as their own. Those who share their territory tend to be even more dangerous, as they like to show off and establish their dominance over the other dragons that occupy their space.

Due to her fierce temperament and breath, the fact that there are two other dragons nearby makes her a remarkably dangerous foe. Not only will she attack the moment she detects an intruder, but she will also be eager to demonstrate her power to the other dragons by being as destructive as possible.

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The Highland Ravagers’ fire breath means they’re immune to fire, so leaving mages who specialize in fire damage behind, as Dorian often does, is a must. It is also important, especially at higher levels, to carry fire resistance potions, otherwise you will be able to cook the party alive in your armor. It also shoots fireballs, potentially knocking low-health party members instantly unconscious, so having fire resistance is essential for survival.

Her fiery nature makes her susceptible to cold damage, so a magician like Vivienne, who is an expert in cold magic, is perfect to take part in this fight. Weapons enchanted with cold damage will also give players an advantage, so it’s important to take the time to equip everyone before crossing over to hunt her down.

One nice thing about the Highland Ravager fight is that it starts off a little sleepy. Approaching her lair wakes her up, but if the group can get into position quickly and start firing cold attacks before she’s fully awake, there’s a chance they could remove a significant chunk of her health meter before she has her first. guard. above.

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The dragon also regularly spawns a guard bar to protect itself, so carrying a warrior with an enhanced shield hit like Blackwall or Cassandra is important to knocking that bar down quickly and exposing it to group attacks more often. It’s also important to focus a fair amount of melee damage on his legs, which will eventually cause his massive body to stumble and fall to the ground. This is uncomfortable for her, and attacks that land while on her stomach can do a lot of damage before she gets up and raises her guard again.

Highland Ravager also has little dragons that she can summon to aid her in the fight. She throws her head back and lets out a scream that shakes the ground, and moments later, a swarm of dragons enters the fray to defend her. It is important to dispatch them quickly, otherwise they begin to accumulate. Despite their size, they are capable of dealing a lot of damage in conjunction with the High Dragon’s attacks.

Defeating the Highland Ravager requires some strategy and careful planning, but the effort is worth it for the sheer amount of very rare and valuable loot it produces. The Guard Belt is worth its weight in gold as it provides defense to players and party members who cannot generate that type of protection on their own. There is also a set of masterpiece battle mage armor in the stack that really comes in handy for the mage of the favorite group. It also gives the player seven power points and 3600 influence points, both of which are necessary to access other important parts of the game. Also, it counts towards the “Dragon Hunter” achievement.

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