Every time The Simpsons removed a character (and why)

The Simpsons rarely retire even their most controversial characters, but the deaths of the actors and creative decisions led the show to put them aside.

Despite the persistent rumors The Simpsons has never really retired the controversial character of Apu, but who have they been grazing? After more than 30 years in the air, it is understandable that The Simpsons a lot has changed since its first episode, the Christmas special “Simpsons roasting over the fire.” Over the years, the series has grown from a relatively straightforward and crude family comedy to an anarchic, inventive, and critically acclaimed phenomenon, and finally to the most mainstream sitcom of the most recent 20 seasons.

Since the series began decades ago, Springfield’s first family has been the subject of critical acclaim, critical disdain, and occasional controversy. Changing attitudes toward race and representation on screen have led The Simpsons to rephrase a handful of notable characters that were originally voiced by white actors even though the characters were people of color. However, in cases like Apu and Dr. Hibbert, recasting these characters was no reason to remove them from the cast.

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In fact, it is extremely rare that The Simpsons to permanently retire any character, despite the show’s long duration, which means its roster of named characters now stretches into the thousands. What The Simpsons prides itself on ignoring the canon as a light-hearted comedy in which typical television conventions do not apply, the show rarely formally withdraws characters, and on the rare occasions they do, it is usually out of respect for an actor deceased who provided the voice of the character. With that said, here is a complete list of all the Simpsons character who appears to be retired, along with an educated guess as to why they left Springfield.

Bill pye

The Simpsons: An Enchanted Evening

The original meteorologist of The Simpsons‘Channel 5 (home of Kent Brockman), Bill Pye appeared only once as an off-screen voice on the radio in the season 1 episode “Some Enchanted Evening”. Apparently the most famous brother of “Arnie Pye in the sky”, he was briefly seen once, but was soon replaced by his more famous brother. Simpsons Nick Hank’s regular / Dr. actor Azaria, Pye was replaced by his brother voiced by Dan Castellaneta, presumably because Bill had no memorable comedic angle to his character, unlike Arnie.

Larry burns

Larry Burns in The Simpsons

Many fans mistakenly assume that the death of an actor leads to the automatic retirement of his character in The Simpsons. However, this has not always been true, as evidenced by Don Brodka’s brief (admittedly mute) comeback in The simpsons movie. However, the passing of the great Rodney Dangerfield was the end of Mr. Burns’ son Larry, the memorable one-episode wonder that was central to the season 8 episode “Burns, Baby, Burns” (and then emerged for a very minor cameo episode in “Realty Bites”).

Lionel Hutz and Troy McClure (and Lyle Lanley, Evan Conover, etc.)

Legendary SNL Interpreter Phil Hartman expressed some of the The Simpsons‘most beloved supporting characters in the early seasons, and his untimely death led to his immediate and permanent retirement. Lionel Hutz and Troy McClure in particular were tricky propositions for the series, as the sleazy lawyer and self-absorbed actor were regular fixtures for the first few seasons, but neither reappeared after Hartman’s 1998 murder, unlike most. Simpsons character retreats, the show’s creators explicitly confirmed that they would not reprise the Hartman character. The third episode of season 10, “Bart the Mother”, was dedicated to Hartman’s memory, as well as being the episode that featured the last appearance of his iconic character.

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Edna krabappel

Expressed by Simpsons Marcia Wallace, the sarcastic and smoking teacher, awarded the veteran voice actress an Emmy for her work on the surprisingly moving “Bart the Lover” from season 3. Like Phil Hartman’s characters, Wallace’s Krabappel retired. when his voice actor passed away in 2013. However, unlike McClure and Hutz, Krabappel’s fictional death was addressed on screen, with The Simpsons dedicating one of Bart’s signature blackboard gags with the single line epitaph: “We will really miss you, Mrs. K.” Subsequent episodes featured a glimpse of his ghost in a non-speaking role and his mourning love interest Ned Flanders, further confirming the character’s permanent retirement.

Wally kogen

Season 10 Episode 12 featured a pair of new guest stars to The Simpsons – horror icon Vincent Price and lovable loser Wally Kogen, voiced by comedy legend Fred Willard. Although the former may well appear again (since the tomb cannot contain Vincent Price, according to his Simpsons appearance), it seems unlikely that Willard’s Kogen would reappear after the actor’s death. Kogen was already effectively retired from the series, having appeared only once after his debut in 2007’s “Eternal Moonshine of Simpson Mind.”

Leon Kompowsky

Leon Kompowsky aka Michael Jackson in The Simpsons

Michael Jackson’s cameo Leon Kompowsky was a memorable guest star, with the Prince of Pop playing a mental institution inmate who he thought was… Michael Jackson. Originally, Kompowsky was destined to reappear with the voice of Prince, but this Simpsons The episode never came to fruition. With both pop icons who were lined up to play the role now deceased, Leon Kompowsky seems doubly unlikely that he will reappear and as such it can be assumed that he is retired.

Hank Scorpio

Although he has made a silent cameo since he appeared in “You Only Move Twice,” supervillain Hank Scorpio has yet to return to speak on The Simpsons since its debut in an episode that appears frequently next to “Last Exit to Springfield” like one of the best hours of the program. The show’s creators have repeatedly criticized demands for a return from this fan-favorite, though he was initially destined to be the villain of the long-awaited Simpsons movie. Instead, another Albert Brooks character, Russ Cargill, took on that role, and Scorpio remained in well-deserved retirement.

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Mr winfield

Mr. Winfield Simpson

Appearing frequently in the early seasons of The SimpsonsMr. Winfield was literally retired when he finished working in Springfield and moved to Florida with his wife. This occurred in season 4 and has not been seen since, so it seems unlikely the easily annoyed elderly neighbor will return. The likely cause of Winfield’s retirement is that the writers changed the tone of the series and created more room for crazier figures like Ned Flanders or even Homer’s next cranky neighbor, former President George HW Bush, at the expense of more conventional characters. like Winfield. curmudgeon.

The real Seymour Skinner

The Simpsons The Director and the Pauper

The Simpsons He was serious when they said that the real Seymour Skinner would never return to Springfield as decades have passed and the character has not reappeared. For viewers who managed to forget the infamous “The Director and the Pauper” (Season 9, Episode 2), this outing revealed that the man known as Director Skinner was an imposter and the real Skinner was a severe military veteran voiced by Martin Sheen. . Of course, the episode’s troll ending saw all of Springfield conspire to erase the events of the week’s adventure from their collective memory, resulting in The Simpsons returning to his status quo and another character retired forever.

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