Fairy Tail: Erza Scarlet’s 10 Strongest Armors

Known as “Titania, Queen of the Fairies”, Erza Scarlet is hailed as the Fairy tale most fearsome champion of the guild. By the time the show begins, Erza has already been an S-Class magician for several years, passing her wizard tests at the age of 15 and becoming the youngest person to achieve S-Class status.

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Equipped with her unique and powerful Requip magic, Erza can store items in a pocket dimension and summon them at will, though Erza is one of the only wizards capable of doing so in the middle of battle. However, not only her iron will and indomitable strength keep her at the top, but also the powerful armor at her disposal.

10 Erza’s purgatory armor has a notorious reputation

Erza Scarlet from Fairy Tail in her Purgatory Armor.

Erza herself claims that Purgatory is one of Requip’s most powerful armor. Since the suit covers her from head to toe in thick black tips, it is easily one of the most intimidating.

The armor comes with a gigantic matching spiked mace that is taller than Erza herself. Erza boasts to Ikaruga, the leader of Trinity Raven, that no one who has seen this particular armor has lived to tell the tale. Unfortunately, it is unsuitable against Trinity Raven members, as they destroy armor with relative ease.

9 Her black wing armor makes her a fearsome creature of the night

Erza Scarlet from Fairy Tail with her Black Wing Armor.

Erza’s Black Wing armor is a sight to behold, designed both aesthetically and functionally to strike fear in her opponents. The gothic-style costume covers Erza in black plate armor and large bat wings sprout from her back, giving her the ability to fly for short periods of time.

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The suit increases Erza’s offensive power, supercharges whatever weapon she uses, and enables powerful attacks like Moon Flash. The armor is suitable for both power and speed, so it comes equipped with a great sword, as well as two hand axes, for tactical flexibility.

8 The thousand-armed armor gives Erza a helping hand or four

Erza Scarlet from Fairy Tail in her thousand-armed armor.

One of Erza’s most impressive armors never appeared in the popular anime, but was shown multiple times in the manga series. The thousand-armed armor gives Erza four additional mechanical arms, allowing her to fight with up to six weapons at a time.

Each arm is powered by Erza’s considerable magical energy, making them a formidable asset in a fight, with devastating power moves like Spirit Dispersion.

7 Ataraxia’s armor has multipurpose blade wings

Erza Scarlet from Fairy Tail in her Atraxia armor.

Erza’s expert swordsmanship is enhanced by her Ataraxia armor, which equips her with wings made of eight great swords that she can use both offensively and defensively.

Erza can telekinetically move the swords as a unit, as well as independently of one another, allowing them to be used as a shield cover or singular weapons. Since swords can strike without coming into direct contact with opponents, they are perfect for overcoming difficult defenses.

6 Sea Empress armor gives Erza powerful water magic

Erza Scarlet from Fairy Tail in her Sea Empress armor.

Since there are so many disciplines of magic in Fiore, many of Erza’s armors are designed to fight specific types of magic, giving her an advantage against certain opponents throughout the series.

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Her Sea Empress Armor is a powerful example of specialized armor, designed to repel and nullify attacks based on water magic. He also gives Erza powerful water magic of her own, equipping her with two swords, one made of glass and one made of water, which she can overload to launch impressive water attacks.

5 The Lightning Empress armor gives Erza power over electricity

Erza Scarlet from Fairy Tail in her Lightning Empress armor.

Another example of armor designed to suit a particular form of magic well is Erza’s Lightning Empress armor. This suit gives Erza the ability to reduce the damage done by lighting magic, which is useful in her numerous clashes with Lightning Dragon Slayer, Laxus Dreyar, the separated grandson of Master Makarov.

The armor comes equipped with the Lightning Lance which gives it access to devastating offensive and defensive attacks.

4 The Flame Empress armor gives Erza the power of a dragon

Erza Scarlet from Fairy Tail in her Flame Empress armor.

Growing up with a young, noisy Natsu Dragneel likely made Erza’s Flame Empress Armor particularly useful, as the ornate red and orange plate imbues her with the power of a dragon.

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Designed to keep up with the most powerful fire magic users, the Flame Empress Armor not only gives Erza the ability to wield her own fire magic, but also reduces the damage done by fire attacks by 50 %. This ability has proven to be effective enough to protect her against Natsu’s Fire Dragon King’s ultra-destructive Purgatory spell.

3 Erza’s sky wheel armor is iconic

Erza Scarlet from Fairy Tail wearing her Heaven's Wheel armor.

One of Erza’s most iconic armor, the Heaven’s Wheel Armor, allows her to summon over 200 swords and cast them using a variety of spells, including Circle Sword and Trinity Sword. The armor covers Erza in silver from head to toe, effectively turning her into a living sword.

It even comes equipped with huge leaf-shaped wings, giving it the ability to fly. Designed to take on multiple opponents at once, Heaven’s Wheel came in handy during the Great Magic Games when it comfortably faced and defeated 100 enemies at once.

two The Nakagami armor is almost too powerful for even Erza to wield.

Erza Scarlet from Fairy Tail in her Nakagami armor.

While the Nakagami armor is one of Erza’s strongest and most effective armor, it is one that she rarely dares to wear. Regal and revealing the Nakagami Armor requires an immense amount of magical energy from anyone who uses it, causing it to be unused for over ten years before Erza brings her out of retirement to fight the notoriously powerful wizard Minerva.

In exchange for draining its wearer, the Nakagami Armor completely dispels external magic. It also equips the user with a unique sword that can cut through anything, even space.

1 The Fairy Armor Armor marks Erza as the queen of the fairies.

Erza Scarlet from Fairy Tail with her Armor Armor.

Canonically, the Fairy Armor is the strongest armor in Erza’s arsenal. The armor gives Erza the ability to harness torrents of pure energy, supercharging her set of intricately designed swords. The feminine design of the armor is made to allude to Erza’s status as “Titania, Queen of the Faries”.

Soft pastel hues, feather trim, and wing-shaped epaulettes are reminiscent of Fairy tale guild logo. The armor allowed him to surpass his Edolas counterpart, Erza Knightwalker. Unfortunately, the armor was damaged by the force of its own power.

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