FATWS: 10 Ways John Walker Already Ruined Captain America’s Reputation

Falcon and the Winter Soldier It’s been a compelling show, and one of the biggest things he’s done is replacing Steve Rogers as Captain America with John Walker. Steve Rogers was one of the MCU’s greatest heroes and anyone who replaces him will have a hard time. Many people were unhappy with Rogers’ retirement, let alone his replacement, largely because of his actions.

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John Walker’s actions have done much to damage Captain America’s place in the MCU, both with fans and in the universe, causing people to miss Steve Rogers even more and question whether John Walker was the right choice as a replacement. .


10 Keep getting hit

John Walker's Captain America in Episode 2 of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

John Walker, unlike Steve Rogers, did not receive the super soldier serum when he became Captain America. While he’s a skilled soldier, being Captain America means facing some of the biggest threats out there, and those threats often have superpowers. In his battles against the Flag Smashers, John has been beaten like a drum, even with the help of Cap’s vibranium shield.

Seeing Cap taking a beating not long ago for Captain America’s reputation. Steve Rogers didn’t win every fight, but he did win most. The same cannot be said for Walker.

9 Has an inferiority complex

John walker

Steve Rogers is a very difficult act to follow and John Walker feels it acutely. While it is quite understandable, the fact is that your inferiority complex is extremely obvious. Every interaction he has with Falcon and Bucky drips with him and it’s not a great look for him, especially not for someone wearing the shield.

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This has always been a huge part of Walker’s character in the comics and it was one of the biggest detriments to him being respected as Captain America. MCU Walker is following this to perfection and it makes him feel like a poor choice to be Cap – Captain America must be confident and Walker is the complete opposite.

8 Has a bad attitude

Walker’s time as Cap thus far has been full of failures and that affected him quite a bit. It has made him rude and talkative, as well as quick to get angry when things don’t go his way, which has been most of the time. This is not a good look for someone in the Captain America costume because they represent more than just themselves.

Compare his attitudes to Falcon’s – Falcon’s temperament makes him far more suited to being Cap than Walker. Steve Rogers, even on his worst day, never had such a bad attitude as Walker and if he needed to vent he did it in private, whereas Walkers always looks like he’s going to blow up with someone.

7 He throws his weight around

Walker used his connections as Captain America to free the Winter Soldier from a police dungeon, and while this seems harmless, it’s actually a pretty bad thing. Bucky was arrested for violating his probation and everything could have worked itself out, but Walker intervened. He wanted people to realize that he now had strength and was important.

This seemingly innocent act says a lot about Walker and how he does things. Winter Soldier is many things, but he would never use his status to get his way, which makes him more suitable to be Cap than Walker. Walker’s willingness to use his new position in this way is not good.

6 Believe that the disguise makes the man not the other way around

Cap is back in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

Walker seems to believe that simply being Captain America makes him worthy of special treatment. So far, it seems like he thinks the costume imbues him with a kind of authority, that just because he’s Captain America now, everyone should respect him and do what he says. Trade with the name rather than your shares.

This is wearing the cloak in a way that it shouldn’t be. Walker has done nothing to warrant any kind of special treatment, yet he constantly acts like he’s the newest attraction because he was chosen to wear a costume.

5 It does not have a heroic bearing

Wyatt Russell as John Walker in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

Steve Rogers, almost from the beginning, behaved as a hero should. There was something about him, true something that screamed hero. It was a big part of why he was so good at being Captain America. His very presence demanded respect, but his demeanor was that of someone who deserved it.

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Walker doesn’t have that quality at all. There is something about him: when he enters a room, it feels as if an empty suit has entered a room. Your interactions with people show how unprepared you are for the position you are in. He just doesn’t have the heroic bearing he needs to be Captain America.

4 He has no air of command

John Walker in Captain America's costume smiling at someone in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

Steve Rogers was the kind of person anyone would follow anywhere. Watch the last battle of Avengers Endgame-Everyone in that fight had fought a losing battle against Thanos and his forces, and many of them died in that fight, but they followed Rogers into battle. Everyone respected him and his abilities as a leader.

Nobody respects Walker in the same way. He doesn’t have that kind of air to him. Captain America is meant to be the leader in whatever situation he’s in, but Walker just doesn’t have that and he makes his Captain America look bad.

3 Have an anger problem

John Walker in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Episode 4

As Walker has spent more time as Captain America, his anger problem has become more and more pronounced. There are many factors that contribute to it, of course: He is not as well respected, the Flag Smashers constantly beat him, and Falcon and Winter Soldier speak to his face, but Captain America should be able to overcome it. things.

The fact that Walker lets his anger get away from him is a very bad thing, especially when he’s wearing that costume. Captain America cannot be a sullen and angry person.

two He uses weapons

While Steve Rogers used guns quite a bit during WWII, they weren’t a big part of the repertoire outside of the war. He didn’t really need them, when it comes down to it: he was strong enough to take down most threats, and his shield was useful for long-range assaults. Walker’s lack of super strength and experience as a soldier means he’s more comfortable with weapons, but it’s not the best look for Cap.

Captain America isn’t about shooting bad guys, it’s about fighting evil. He is more than a soldier and while soldiers are honorable, Cap must be different. Using a weapon makes Cap seem more ordinary than he should.

1 Murdered a man in cold blood in public

At the end of the last episode of Falcon and the winter soldier, Lemar Hoskins, Walker’s associate who is known as the Battlestar, apparently dies in battle with the Flag Smashers and Walker loses him. Up to a point, his anger is justified: his friend was killed in front of his eyes. However, what he does next makes Captain America look terrible.

He goes after one of the Flag Smashers, who had nothing to do with the attack, and brutally kills him in public, using the shield to beat him to death. He was surrounded by witnesses and the man was pleading for his life. Walker, as Captain America, killed a man in cold blood while defenseless and this action was a massive blow to Cap’s reputation.

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