Frozen: Elsa’s powers prevent her from being a Disney princess

Despite her popularity, Elsa from Frozen has never become an official Disney princess; one of the reasons that could be his magical powers.

Despite her popularity, Elsa de Frozen Fame has never become an official Disney princess, and one of the reasons may be her magical powers. Unlike other princesses in the official lineup, Elsa has magic that she can actively control. Elsa’s ability to manipulate ice and snow makes her the most powerful princess figure in the Disney franchise and sets her apart from the 12 official princesses.

To make the cut like a Disney princess, characters must be human or at least demi-human (like Ariel), star in an original film, and be royal by birth or marriage. Mulan is an exception to the rule, as she gained admission to the ranks through an act of heroism rather than royal status. Magical ability has never been a qualifying characteristic for a Disney princess, although some do have a touch of mystical power. All princesses can communicate with animals, a tradition that began with Snow White. Also, Ariel has conversations with aquatic animals before and after becoming a human. Pocahontas also has a strong connection to animals and nature, as well as the ability to communicate with spirits like Grandma Willow.

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Recent Disney princesses like Moana have stronger powers but limited control over their abilities. Moana, who stars in the movie of the same name, has a connection to the ocean, but cannot manipulate water at will like Elsa can manipulate snow. Rapunzel, from Tangled up, She has magical, shiny hair that can heal wounds and maintain youth, but she is simply a conduit for the power of a rare flower. Elsa, on the other hand, was born with her magic. She unleashes all her power on Frozen and it grows stronger in Frozen 2. Elsa’s character was already clearly different from the official princesses, but his magic ability widens the gap. Elsa’s power is traditionally a feature of Disney villains, aligning her more closely with the evil queen archetype than the powerless heroine.

In classic stories adapted for Disney princess movies, heroines generally do not possess magical abilities, but villains often do. In most Disney movies, powerful women are the villains of the story. White as snow has the evil queen, Sleeping Beauty has Maleficent and The little Mermaid Ursula has. The magic these characters possess is often associated with evil and isolation. Disney villains use their magic to try to gain power, reshaping society so that they are in charge. From the beginning of Frozen, Elsa’s character looks more like Ursula than Ariel. Elsa is taught to hide her power to fit in with others, and the revelation that she has magic prevents her from becoming Queen of Arendelle. When Elsa unleashes her power in a bid for freedom, she becomes an exile from the kingdom. You can live without fear, but you can no longer be with your loved ones.

Along the Frozen, Elsa walks a fine line between good and evil, struggling to control her magic. During the movie climax, Elsa’s feelings of isolation and fear cause her to lash out at Anna, almost killing her. Right now, it seems like Elsa is one step away from becoming the evil queen that Disney audiences are so familiar with. By rescuing Anna, Elsa can redeem herself, striking a balance between her magical power and her duty to Arendelle. Frozen He is now famous for breaking Disney tradition by eliminating the “true love” story, but he also departs from canon in a more subtle way. By giving Elsa magical power, the House of the Mouse sends a message that powerful women can be a force for good. Unfortunately, they undermined that message a minute later by keeping Elsa off the official Disney princess roster.

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