Harry Potter: Molly’s Top 5 Tips (& Her 5 Worst)

Molly Weasley’s rudeness has long been foreshadowed in Harry Potter – the first notable case was his Howler to Ron in The Chamber of Secrets. Managing a household with so many children and doing the job perfectly, being a member of the Order of the Phoenix, would seem like an impossible task, but Molly is more than capable.

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She is a classic Gryffindor, who launches into battle with as much vigor as she disciplines her children. Harry has admitted that Molly is the person he has the most maternal affection for, and it’s no surprise – she’s an excellent mother to all of them. Although Molly often offers helpful and / or sensible advice, this is not always the case.

10 Best advice: “A good first impression can do wonders.”

Molly Weasley and Harry Potter

As Harry prepares to confront the Wizengamot for his “illegal” use of underage magic, he begins to lose his composure rather quickly, his thoughts turning to fears of expulsion.

Molly tries to help him calm down by ironing his clothes and asking him to wash his hair, because “a good first impression can do wonders.” He would be right in almost every scenario, except that this case had been rigged against Harry from the start.

9 Worst advice: warn the twins not to blow up a toilet

Molly says goodbye to each of her children, hugging Percy warmly, but when it is the twins’ turn, she warns them to “behave” and not to blow up the toilets. Fred and George express their amazement at his statement, stating that they had never performed such a joke.

Unfortunately for Molly, she may or may not have planted the idea in her children’s heads, and knowing those two, a messy outcome is guaranteed.

8 Top Tip: When Helping Harry Across Platform 9 3/4

Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter seeks platform 9 and 3/4

Eleven-year-old Harry, newly introduced to the wizarding world and all its complexities, finds himself stranded on Platform 9 3/4, until he sees a group of red-haired children disappear into a barrier.

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Harry walks up to the mother, obviously Molly, and before he can finish explaining his situation, she tells him how the transport works. Molly reassures him with her calm voice, asking him to “run if [he’s] nervous “, and that it is important not to stop or” be afraid “.

7 Worst advice: instruct Harry on floo rides

Harry Potter Molly Weasley Red Floo Powder Network Chimney Diagon Alley

The problem in this situation is not the lack of clear instruction from Molly, although it does not prevent her from being confused by the advice given by Ron, Fred and George simultaneously. She tells him to “speak clearly … and come out through the correct grid,” without telling him what a grid is or how to identify one.

Arthur asks his wife not to “worry”, but Molly continues with a series of points ranging from keeping “eyes closed” and not “panicking and leaving too early; wait until you see Fred and George” . Harry barely manages to get the words “Diagon Alley” out, thankfully, because one misstep could have led to a much worse disaster than simply ending up in the wrong place.

6 Best advice: prohibit your children from questioning Harry on inappropriate topics

Harry Potter - Fred and George Weasley boarding the Hogwarts Express

Fred and George are happy to learn that the famous Harry Potter is finally at Hogwarts, and they confirm this fact to their mother by mentioning “his scar … like lightning”.

Molly’s first instinct is to care for him, expressing her sadness that “he was alone.” The twins say goodbye to her and ask her if “she would remember what You-Know-Who is like.” Their mother angrily tells them that they better not bring up the topic in conversation with Harry, much less “on their first day at school.”

5 Worst advice: prevent the order from revealing information to Harry

Molly does her best to prevent younger members of the Order from learning about the latest developments based on Voldermort. Inevitably he gets into an altercation with Sirius over whether Harry should be involved. Molly is eventually overruled by Dumbledore (via Lupine), thus changing the ban on her children and Hermione.

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Sadly, this doesn’t work either, because Fred and George are “of legal age” at the time, and Harry declares that he will tell Ron and Hermione everything. Only poor Ginny is forced to face the brunt of her mother’s understandable, but unnecessary, discipline.

4 Best advice: tell girls to “get out of my way.”

When Bellatrix begins to dominate Luna, Ginny, and Hermione, one of her Avada Kedavras passes Ginny “by an inch”. Molly notices this from wherever she is and yells at the Death Eater as he makes his way towards her.

Bellatrix is ​​even more pleased to find a superior opponent, but her enthusiasm fades when Molly orders the children to “get out of the way. [her] “The fight doesn’t take long, and thankfully, the three girls aren’t caught in the thick of it.

3 Worst advice: tell Fred, George and Ron to be more like Percy

Chris Rankin as Percy Weasley in Harry Potter

Ron, Fred, and George take their father’s flying Ford Anglia to Privet Drive, where they intend to smuggle Harry into the Burrow. They manage to escape through the skin of their teeth, but Uncle Vernon’s helpless fury is no match for the overwhelming rage that is brewing in a worried Molly Weasley.

His anger is incredible, making all three of his children tremble at his anger. Of course, Molly goes on to tell them that “they could use a page out of Percy’s book.” In his defense, he doesn’t know exactly how Percy is going to turn out, but the signs have always been there.

two Best advice: when he doesn’t even use words to comfort Harry

harry cedric

Harry’s experience at the end of the Triwizard Tournament is possibly the worst he has endured in his entire life. Not only does Cedric die, but Lord Voldemort makes a triumphant return using nothing but Harry’s own blood.

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Shattered by guilt, the boy who lived again is about to burst into tears when Molly tenderly whispers that “it was not [his fault]”and proceeds to” put his hands around Harry. “The narrator then explains that” he didn’t remember being hugged like that, like by a mother. “Sometimes the best advice, like the best spells, is non-verbal.

1 The worst advice: about the youngsters who “throw their wands for everything”

Harry Potter - Molly scolding Fred and George

When Fred and George are finally allowed to use magic outside of Hogwarts, they start casting spells and disappearing for the simpler things. Molly doesn’t like this at all, refusing to consider that almost all young people (or people in general) would behave this way when they are suddenly handed access to new power.

When the twins love a set of utensils and cutlery to fly from the kitchen to the dining room, Molly yells “JUST TAKE THEM!” Which is when everything falls apart. Is it because they were distracted by their mother? Nobody knows.

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