I Almost Got Them: 5 Stray Shots That Changed Marvel History

In Drawing Crazy Patterns, I highlight at least five comic book story scenes / moments that fit a specific theme (basically things that happen frequently in comics). Please note that these lists are not inherently exhaustive. They are a list of five examples (occasionally I’ll be nice and throw in a sixth). Therefore, no instance is “missing” if it is not in the list. It’s just not one of the five examples I chose.

Today, we take a look at some of the most memorable failures in Marvel Comics history and show the impact each one had.


One of the members of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, the young villain, Rogue, was having a lot of trouble dealing with her powers (she could absorb people’s powers by touching them, but she also adopted her memories and having touched Carol Danvers, the heroine then known as Ms. Marvel, for too long, she permanently absorbed Carol’s memories and personality, just living in her head along with her own mind. It was not pleasant) that she turned to Charles Xavier for help. He agreed to help her and in fact let her join the X-Men. The other team members were very upset with this decision, but Rogue finally showed them that she was legitimately wanting to reform.

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The US government, on the other hand, was less convinced, especially when Rogue (inspired by Carol’s memories) removed an old boyfriend from SHIELD custody and was later framed for killing some SHIELD agents. Government operative Henry Peter Gyrich hired the mutant inventor known as Forge to build a power neutralizer. Forge started working on it, but he didn’t know that they were already planning to use it and since he hadn’t fully tested it yet, Forge didn’t know if it would neutralize someone’s powers permanently, temporarily, or possibly even KILL them!

Thus, when Gyrich was about to shoot Rogue in Uncanny X-Men # 185 (by Chris Claremont, John Romita Jr., and Dan Green), Forge tackled Gyrich, forcing the shot to deflect and instead hit the Rogue’s X-Men teammate. , Storm!

The now powerless Storm fell into the river, where she was rescued by Forge. He took care of her until she regained her health and the two of them started falling in love with each other, until, you know, she found out about all that “he built the device that stole her powers and almost killed her” deal. Storm then returned to the X-Men and became their leader again even without his powers. Eventually her powers returned and she and Forge reconciled for a time.


Charles Xavier’s son David Haller had an immense amount of power, but also several divided personalities (hence his code name, which was Legion). Over time, David became so powerful that he was able to go back in time. She decided to go back in time to a time when she knew Charles Xavier and Magneto were in, a period when Charles was dating David’s mother, Gabrielle Haller, and Magneto (whose name was Magnus) was working alongside them. David felt that Magneto was the biggest threat to his father’s dream and if David killed Magneto in the past, then the X-Men probably didn’t even need to exist in the present and Xavier would have been a part of David’s life since childhood. .

Naturally things went wrong and Xavier stood in front of Magnus to save his friend’s life in X-Men # 41 (by Fabian Nicieza, Andy Kubert, Ron Garney and Matt Ryan) and David killed his own father … BEFORE he was born.

This kind of reality broke and allowed Apocalypse to wake up early and take over the world. Magnus, inspired by the noble death of his friend, formed the X-Men in honor of Xavier and fought against Apocalypse. This was the epic crossover event, The Age of Apocalypse. Eventually Bishop was able to go back in time and prevent Legion from killing Xavier and things returned to normal.


During the Avengers crossover, The Crossing, it was revealed that Iron Man was secretly Kang’s sleeper agent. He turned on his teammates, slaying a couple of lesser-known Avengers and eventually took on the full team in Avengers # 393 (by Bob Harras, Terry Kavangh, Ben Raab, Mike Deodato, and Tom Palmer). Hercules was actually giving it to him, so Iron Man unleashed his full repulsor blasts, only for the Wasp to face Hercules and take the blast intended for a demigod.

Apparently killing his friend caused Iron Man to stop and escape. Hank Pym saved Wasp’s life by putting her in a special device that healed her by transforming her into a gigantic and monstrous wasp-like being. Iron Man was so disgusted by his actions that he eventually sacrificed himself to stop Kang’s plans (the Avengers, at the time, had brought a teenage version of Tony from the past, before Kang corrupted him, to help stop him. Tony remained. in the present / his future as the new Iron Man. Surprisingly it didn’t last)


After the events of House of M, Earth’s mutant population dwindled to just a thousand or two, with no NEW mutants being born. That changed when a baby boy was born, named Hope quite appropriately. Naturally, everyone wanted this baby. Mister Sinister wanted to experiment with her, the anti-mutant people wanted to kill her, and the X-Men wanted to see if he could reset the mutant population of the world. However, the bishop of the X-Men came from a terrible dystopian future and one of the things he remembered was that the beginning of his terrible world was a woman named Hope. So he was basically in a case where he could kill Hitler as a baby and he planned to do it.

In X-Men # 207 (by Mike Carey, Chris Bachalo, and Three Thousand Inkers), the X-Men decided to entrust Cable with the baby, as he could travel to the future to keep her safe. Bishop was freaking out (he had also just lost an arm to a creature known as Predator-X) and tried to shoot Cable and the baby, but Cable had traveled back in time, so the bullets instead … they beat up Professor Charles Xavier!

Xavier lived, but had enough brain damage that he took leave from the X-Men while recovering. This led to a series called X-Men: Legacy. Bishop, meanwhile, began to hunt Cable and Hope through time, killing millions in the process. However, he was ultimately redeemed … somehow.


During the miniseries, Ultimate Avengers vs. New Ultimates (by Mark Millar, Leinil Francis Yu, Stephen Segovia, Gerry Alanguilen, and Sunny Gho), Nick Fury started an undercover Avengers team, which included Frank Castle, the Punisher, on the team. . Later, Fury was accused of being a traitor and the Ultimates hunted him down. Captain America had Fury pinned down and the only way for the Punisher to save him was to use a sniper rifle to shoot Captain America in the knee.

However, Spider-Man went into battle to save Cap and received the bullet aimed at Cap’s knees.

Spider-Man survived that initial bullet, but it weakened him to the point that he was later killed in battle with the Green Goblin. The Punisher didn’t take well to shooting a child.

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