The fifth and final issue of the Kick-Ass vs. Hit-Girl finally decides who wins her fight with a brutal outcome in the Albuquerque desert.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Kick-Ass vs. Hit-Girl # 5 by Steve Niles, Marcelo Frusin, Sunny Gho and John Workman, out now.

Kick-Ass vs. Hit-Girl has spent more time with its titular heroes on the run or chasing an Albuquerque drug cartel than fighting each other. While the two violent vigilantes have had some brief confrontations, Hit-Girl made it clear to Patience that they have to end their confrontation. After all, she feels nothing but hatred for Patience for deforming the green and yellow outfit Dave worked so hard to prop up as a symbol of hope and justice.

And how Kick-Ass vs Hit-Girl # 5 shows, their rivalry finally crowns a winner in the most brutal way.

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Mindy invites Patience to a part of town that seems western. In the desert, you know that no one will hear you shoot and cut yourself, so this is the perfect setting to resolve your conflict. However, Mindy gives Patience time to confess, as she sits on her bike and wants to know why she would stain the Kick-Ass costume like that.

Patience tries to tell him that despite forming her own cartel, her actions were all to take down other criminals and get money for various charities. In short, she wanted to use crime and the legal system to work for her, especially after the government treated her badly after her military career. Mindy ultimately doesn’t care about her reasons, she behaves aggressively and starts the fight.

Hit-Girl has always been skilled in fighting, and those talents are on full display here. She takes all the punches and kicks that Patience can throw, and she responds in the same way with bullets and shurikens. However, patience does not seek blood, but Mindy does. When Patience hides in a living room, Mindy literally pulls out the big guns to finish the job with a bazooka.

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Patience tries to escape in her truck, but Mindy blows her up, leaving Hit-Girl walking towards the charred corpse. She inspects him, insults him, and leaves, but Patience is alive and well as she used a decoy and dressed the body. The real victim of the blast is his former general, Maria, who died a few weeks ago in the war with the Russians and Mexicans. Explain why Patience went to her grave in the previous issue, as she needed a fresh fake body. With Mindy gone, Patience removes the Kick-Ass costume and, after being accepted into college, celebrates with her family, thankful that Mindy never discovered her true identity and that she finally got rid of the young vigilante.

Ultimately, this ending allows both characters to stand as winners in their own way. As Hit-Girl won the battle against Kick-Ass, Patience proved that she was a more tactical thinker. In his own way, he also defeated Kick-Ass by finally reaching a point where he could move on with his life.

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