KUWTK: Kylie Jenner’s Best Edgy Outfits Ranked

Kylie Jenner’s style is now more vibrant, elegant and sharp. But about five years ago, the KUWTK star’s fashion incorporated edginess and street style.

keeping up with the Kardashians Star Kylie Jenner has changed and developed her fashion sense over the years, and today she is not as daring as she used to be. Today, Kylie’s aesthetic is usually very colorful, luxurious, and opulent. But about five years ago, it was much darker. So, let’s take a look at Kylie.mid-2010s style.

In 2015 and 2016, Kylie Jenner’s fashion style was very different from what it is today. While elements of her former fashion sense shine through in her appearance now, Kylie’s style is more vibrant, elegant, and crisp now. About five years ago, the KUWTK Star incorporated elements of urban and punk style into her sewing. Kylie also rocked her hair in crazy colors and incorporated a lot of black, chains, plaids, and worn materials into her look around this time. While it’s wonderful to see your style evolve over the years, it’s always fun to look back.

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5. All black leather

It doesn’t get much sharper than all-black leather, as Kylie Jenner showed us in this head-to-toe jumpsuit. The look was completed with black heels and a black chain bag with gemstones on the front.

4. Overhead khaki

In 2015, when Kylie and Tyga were still dating, they enjoyed breakfast together in Calabasas. In the photo above was the outfit Kylie wore for that occasion. The subtle khaki green material was used for his jacket and joggers. He was wearing a white tube top and white vans, along with a black suede backpack and reflective sunglasses.

3. Pink and gold

In 2016, the fashion and makeup mogul sported a daring look at a runway event. She wore a deep gold dress with a unique cut and shape. Underneath, Kylie was wearing a black mesh bra. The look was completed with black and gold sunglasses and thigh-high leather boots. Many people thought this look was inspired by Lady Gaga, especially with her light pink wig!

2. Shading

In 2015, a trend called “lampshade” emerged. It happens when you wear tall, bold boots with an oversized dress or sweater. The Kardashian-Jenner clan popularized this trend as we see Kylie sporting a distressed black sweater dress and plaid blue boots. However, supermodel Kate Moss was also a fan of this look and frequently wore it during the 2015 runways.

1. Blue hair, I don’t care

In June 2016, Kylie wore an oversized red T-shirt with a money bag and was quite sassy. He also wore thigh-high black suede boots and a red backpack with chains. His hair was blue contrasting with the red shirt.

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