Long before the Destiny reveal, Bungie was teasing the game into Halo

In response to a Twitter footprint about in-game Easter eggs, Christopher Barrett revealed that Destiny was teased long before the game was announced.

Recently, an Easter-themed Twitter post asked developers to share some of their favorite Easter eggs from titles they’ve worked on. In the thread, Christopher Barrett, former art director and now game director at Bungie, pointed out some of his favorites from the aura Y Destination series, showing that Destination he had been teased long before his reveal.

Before Destination was officially unveiled, fans scoured the internet and past Bungie titles looking for any information they could find about the game. Turns out there were references right under the players’ noses. An Easter egg in Halo 3: ODST showed some Destination items that players will recognize immediately.

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Sharing some of his favorite Easter eggs with the Twitter community, Barrett posted three images. A shot of Halo 2 showing a company sign that read “INDUSTRIAS TTERRAB”. There was a picture of Halo 3: ODST showing an advertisement for vehicle manufacturer Asklon, depicting Earth with a small white circle positioned to the northeast and the words “DESTINY AWAITS” above. Finally, there was an image of Oryx from the King of the Taken expansion for Destination.

Barrett went on to provide a bit of context. He noted that “the former is quite obvious, from Halo 2, second was a mockery of Destiny in Halo: ODST, and the third was a bit more subtle, but probably my favorite. “In digging into these Easter eggs, two are related to Destination, and one is just a funny name in the game.

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The first Easter egg, presented in Halo 2, shows “INDUSTRIAS TTERRAB”. “TTERRAB” is Barrett spelled backwards. Barrett, of course, refers to Christopher Barrett. This is easy to miss, but once it’s noticed, it will always stand out. The second Easter egg shows Earth with a smaller white circle above and to the right. While the white circle was probably interpreted as the moon at the time, it is now more plausible to consider that it may have been a reference to the Traveler.

The Traveler is an entity that imbues Destinationprotagonists with the power of Light. It is a circular structure with a white shell that looms over Destinationit is the last city and is visible from orbit. The words “DESTINY WAITS” above seem to solidify this reasoning, even before Barrett confirmed that it was a Destination-Related Easter egg.

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The last image requires a bit of additional Christopher Barrett knowledge to join. An image of Oryx was shown, and Barrett commented that it is a more subtle Easter egg, but his personal favorite. Barrett’s online identifier was Oryx, or variations of that name, long before the character made an appearance on Destination. I mean, in a way at least, Oryx is Christopher Barrett’s Original Character (OC). At the very least, it inspired the name of the fearsome Possessed King.

It’s equally fun, as it’s interesting to see the creators of a title commenting on Easter eggs in their games. Without this kind of additional elaboration, some of these fascinating details can easily slip past players and run the risk of going unnoticed forever. The hindsight is twenty though, and once these details are revealed, it’s hard to believe they were unknown for so long. Maybe Infinite halo you will have even more Easter eggs hidden in plain sight.

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