Marvel: 10 things fans should know about the PEGASUS project

The Marvel Universe is full of powerful government agencies like SHIELD or SWORD, although there are some organizations that have emerged over the years that play an equally important role in protecting Earth, just like the lesser-known PEGASUS Project.

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Project PEGASUS first appeared in 1978 Marvel two in one # 42 before he became a regular at Marvel events and a place some heroes may call home, which has also figured prominently in other realities like the Definitive Universe. Today we are going to take a closer look at Project PEGASUS, what it does and why it is so important to the Marvel Universe.

10 The PEGASUS project manager is named after its creator

Director Gruenwald and Marvel heroes speaking at Project PEGASUS

Celebrated comic book writer Mark Gruenwald created Project PEGASUS with Ralph Macchio for the first appearance of the research center in Marvel two in one, which was later honored on the pages of Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning New star Serie.

The Secret invasion The event led to a meeting at the PEGASUS Project between some heroes and the Project’s lead director, Gruenwald, whose design was based on Mark Gruenwald to celebrate one of the late author’s many contributions to the Marvel Universe.

9 PEGASUS stands for Potential Energy Group / Alternate Sources / United States

The PEGASUS project is an energy research facility

While Project PEGASUS is definitely a catchy name that fits perfectly into a comic book, it’s also an appropriate, if somewhat awkward acronym, which stands for Potential Energy Group / Alternate Sources / United States.

The primary goal of the Project when it first appeared was to investigate unusual and alternative energy sources for the benefit of the country, although the Adirondack Mountain research facility has gained additional responsibilities over the years given the particular field of study.

8 Serves as a prison for abnormal and unusually powerful villains

Project PEGASUS ‘study of unusual and abnormal energies is perfectly suited for exploring some of the unexplained power sets of heroes and villains in the Marvel universe that come from unknown sources, such as cosmic rays or Negative Zone energies.

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The Project’s study of these abilities also made them the best option for containing some of Marvel’s most dangerous villains, such as cosmic ray-enhanced U-Foes, who frequently escape their containment cells due to their unique abilities. They often require some super-powered security to be handled properly.

7 What helped stop a prison riot during “The Project PEGASUS Saga”

Thing and Quasar in the Project PEGASUS saga

One of Project PEGASUS ‘best-known superhero employees was Ben Grimm, the super-strong member of the Fantastic Four known as The Thing who helped introduce the research facility on its debut in Marvel two in one.

After arriving at the research facility to visit his adopted son Wundarr the Aquarius, The Thing was hired as additional security during “The Project PEGASUS Saga” to help stop a prison riot that was engineered by the anti-government Nth Command.

6 Quasar has worked closely with Project PEGASUS for years

Wendell Vaughn / Quasar wields the powerful Quantum Bands as the cosmic protector of the universe, although he began his career as a highly trained SHIELD agent, earning him a place as Project PEGASUS chief of security and also seeing him involved in the riot at the prison that was detained by The Thing.

Unfortunately, that riot and a series of other incidents caused Quasar to doubt his position and leave him. He would return several times over the years, both officially and unofficially, to work with the PEGASUS Project and assist them with off-planet research.

5 The Supreme Squad lived there after being stranded

The PEGASUS Project also served as the base of operations for a team of multiverse heroes from another reality known as the Supreme Squad, who had previously been explored by PEGASUS creator Mark Gruenwald in his eponymous miniseries.

The Supreme Squad were alternate reality pastiches of the DC Comics Justice League that had created a utopian government on their world. However, a powerful being known as Man N who was created in Project PEGASUS moved between realities and destroyed their universe, leaving them temporarily stranded on Marvel Land until their reality of origin is restored.

4 Darkhawk also briefly worked as the project’s head of security.

Feature Darkhawk War of Kings

The Project’s research on unknown and unexplored sources of energy often put them in contact with heroes who were also dealing with unknown power sets like Chris Powell, whose mysterious alien amulet transformed him into the powerful android body of Darkhawk.

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Powell struggled with his connection to the armor as it caused an emotional imbalance, so he began working with Project PEGASUS as the new Chief of Security in case he needed their help with his armor. He eventually left The Project to become a space hero when the origins of the Darkhawk armor and cosmic upgrades were finally revealed.

3 Powerful elements stored like the cosmic cube and the serpent’s crown

Red skull with cosmic cube

While Project PEGASUS soon made a name for itself among Marvel heroes as the place to go to drop off the energetic villains that might be contained there, they also began to store and study powerful items and artifacts that appeared throughout the ages. years.

Studying the incredibly powerful Cosmic Cube was one of the research facility’s first goals. although it also contained elements such as the Serpent’s Crown that played an important role in the story of “Brides of Set”.

two It was the secret center of SHIELD in the definitive universe.

PEGASUS project in the definitive universe

The Ultimate universe was created to explore popular Marvel characters in the modern era without the confines of continuity that led to a number of incredibly different and popular versions of characters such as Spider-Man, X-Men, Fantastic Four, and The Avengers (which they were known as the Ultimates).

Project PEGASUS was introduced as SHIELD’s secret center tasked with securing powerful objects and artifacts, much like its 616 counterpart. Ultimate Project PEGASUS was led by Wendell Vaughn, though it never became Quasar in the Ultimate universe.

1 Part of the founding of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

PEGASUS project in the MCU

Project PEGASUS made their official MCU live-action debut in 2012. the Avengers as a SHIELD, NASA, and USAF operation that was created as a Joint Dark Energy Mission Facility to study the power of the Tesseract.

Howard Stark was one of the founders of the PEGASUS Project after his recovery from the Tesseract in Captain America the First Avenger. From 2019 Captain Marvel It also took place in Project PEGASUS when Dr. Wendy Lawson / Mar-Vell used the energy of the Tesseract to create the light speed engine that would empower Carol Danvers.

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