Resident Evil Village’s Lady Dimitrescu appears on Hong Kong trams

Capcom places Lady Dimitrescu, also known as the “tall lady”, next to Hong Kong streetcars as part of its latest marketing campaign.

With the launch of Resident Evil Village Fast-approaching, Capcom has put Lady Dimitrescu, affectionately known as the “tall lady” on the internet, next to Hong Kong’s streetcars as part of its latest marketing campaign. This is far from Lady Dimitrescu’s first visit to Hong Kong. In late March, life-size cutouts of the tall woman were found on fans in video game stores. She appears to be taking over Hong Kong and other Asian cities ahead of the launch of the next resident Evil play.

Japanese marketing for the next Resident Evil Village It also made headlines when a poster appeared to feature an unannounced character who will be part of the game. Western audiences have long looked to eastern marketing to provide new information on upcoming games originating from the region. This includes discoveries and speculation about new settings, characters, plot points, and launch windows.

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Hong Kong trams appear to be the latest marketing gimmick for Resident Evil Village. The images of the trams were posted on Twitter by Daniel Ahmad |, specialist in the video game market in China. The double-decker trams are tall enough to demonstrate all the majesty of Lady Dimitrescu, whose height has made her an icon on the internet. It has surely come a long way from its initial design, as planned for Resident Evil 7: Biohazard.

Much has been revealed about Resident Evil Village in the last weeks. It even appears that PlayStation is preparing to release the second demo of the game soon. Many other story, combat, and setting details have also been revealed, including the game map, which appears to be a particularly significant aspect of the game. Anyone can look at the Resident Evil Villagethe cover and see the giant “VIII” sitting on the word “Village.” While the game is intended to be the eighth major installment in the franchise, it is not officially called “Resident Evil 8” in the game’s marketing. This is supposed to treat the village in the game as its own character.

The community has yet to see the culmination of this excitement and marketing. However, more may come to light in late April. In addition to the possible demo launch on PlayStation, Capcom recently announced a showcase specifically intended for Resident Evil Village How to Play. The exhibition will be on Thursday, April 15. With all that is already known, it is a bit surprising that there is still more to come before the launch of Resident Evil Village on May 7, 2021. However, the gaming community will undoubtedly take as much as it can.

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