Southern Charm: How Kathryn Dennis Copes With Loss of Child Custody

Southern Charm star Kathryn Dennis lost custody of her children after her ex, Thomas, filed for a custody order. Find out how Kathryn has managed.

Kathryn Dennis from Southern charm She has done everything she can to stay positive since losing custody of her two children. The reality star is the mother of her daughter Kensie, who is seven, and her son Saint, who is four. She welcomed her children with her former partner Thomas Ravenel, who appeared alongside her on the Bravo series for five years. However, the couple had not been together for some time when they welcomed their son and daughter.

Since then Southern charm With season 7 over, Kathryn Dennis has spent most of her time with her children and her new boyfriend, Chleb. His social networks showed no signs of being away from his children for long, as they always appeared on his Instagram Stories. However, Thomas seems to think that Kathryn is not the mother in the form that fans think she is. He currently has full temporary custody of the two children and will only allow Kathryn to have weekend visits during the day.

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Kathryn Dennis, 29, has been trying to stay as positive as possible after Thomas Ravenel was awarded full custody of her two children. According to her Instagram In profile, Kathryn has spent most of her time without her children and relying on her new partner, Chleb. The couple recently headed to Miami for a few days, where they hung out by the pool and enjoyed a few nights together. When she’s not sharing photos of herself and her new boyfriend, Kathryn shares cute selfies of herself with the kids. For example, she posted a photo of herself and Saint spending Easter together. And just a week earlier, Kathryn posted a series of photos with her two sons to celebrate her daughter Kensie’s seventh birthday.

Fans in Reddit I think this change in the custody arrangement is Thomas’s way of trying to make Kathryn look like an unfit mother. While her trip to Miami was viewed by many as a bad time, it was best for her to vacation during a time when she is under so much stress. In March, Kathryn lost custody of her children after Thomas entered a temporary custody order in February. Thomas’ attorney did not reveal why Kathryn had lost custody, but this is not the first time the politician has requested full custody of the couple’s two children. In 2016, he lost custody of his children and entered a rehabilitation center. In 2018, Kathryn sought full custody of the children after Thomas was arrested and charged with battery and battery and charged with raping his former nanny.

Kathryn Dennis has done her best to keep a smile on her face during one of the most difficult times of her life. Thomas constantly attacks her for her parenting skills and is quick to take her children from her once he notices something a bit unpleasant about her. Fortunately, Kathryn has Chleb by her side this time as she leads her through another custody battle. Hopefully soon the Southern charm fans want to see Kathryn and Thomas come to terms when it comes to their kids.

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