Suicide Squad’s Katana explains why Batman actually starts so many teams

Katana served under Batman in the Outsiders, and has an interesting take on her former leader and why he’s on so many teams.

Spoilers for The other story of the DC universe # 3 ahead!

Katana, former member of the Suicide squad, recently revealed the reason bat Man He starts so many superhero teams – to keep track of his various members, all of whom he perceives as a threat. On The other story of the DC universe, Katana reveals her thoughts on various DC icons, including Batman, whose team of Outsiders Katana was once a part of.

For someone who imagines himself as a loner, Batman has been a member of, and even started, several different teams. He was instrumental in helping found the Justice League, but when he began to butt heads with other members, he left to initiate the Outsiders, who had not only Katana but Black Lighting, Metamorpho, and Geo-Force in their ranks. rows. Later, he would start Batman, Inc., a multinational team of Bat-related heroes working under Batman’s supervision. Fans may wonder why he’s joining so many teams, and Katana, who would know better than anyone, has a clue as to the matter.

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The issue, written by John Ridley, with art by Giuseppe Camuncoli and Andrea Cucchi and colors by José Villarrubia, covers Katana’s life, beginning with the murder of her husband and son by the Yakuza, her adoption of Katana’s identity and her years as a murderer. The focus shifts to his time on the Outsiders – how they came together under Batman’s leadership and the ultimate decision to oust him. Katana believes that Batman “just wanted to keep an eye out” on her and the others, feeling they were untested and perhaps even unworthy.

This is tough, but it fits perfectly with Batman’s modus operandi. Batman is a control freak, a fact that Katana points out, and he must be in control of every situation he finds himself in, and in a world with people like Superman and Wonder Woman, this means finding ways to defeat them, should the need arise. . In the case of the Justice League, it was revealed in the now classic Condemn story that Batman kept detailed files on his fellow League members, and for Katana and the rest, it was to bring them together as a team. This was a huge power move on Batman’s part, and it didn’t stop there: Katana also points out that the team was known as “Batman and the Outsiders,” as if they were playing a supporting role to Batman. She calls this behavior “paternalistic” and “colonial.” Batman’s plan may have worked too well, as the Outsiders consolidated as a team and were strong enough to part ways with Batman when they had enough of his heavy-handed leadership.

The other story of the DC universe has shed new light on many of the icons of the DC Universe, and through the eyes of Suicide Squad Katana, readers take a look at Batman Psyche. The number is already on sale in print and digital.

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