Superman and Lois: 10 things only comic book fans know about the couple

One of the most iconic couples in comic book history, Clark Kent aka Superman and Lois Lane have been together for life or death (in some cases, literally). With the new CW series Superman and Lois, interest in the couple has resurfaced. While Superman is a Kryptonian alien who becomes Earth’s protector, Lois Lane is a Pulitzer-winning journalist at the Daily Planet.

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The former is usually more spontaneous in her actions, while Lois is comparatively more patient and understanding, achieving a balance of emotions in this relationship. Considering that the couple have been a mainstay of pop culture for several decades, their love for each other has gone through many changes in the comics.

10 Superman once killed Lois

One of the most painful moments of Injustice Superman was killing Lois with his bare hands. Naturally, this was not a conscious decision as he was under the influence of Scarecrow’s fear toxins that were infused with kryptonite. As Joker kidnaps Lois by connecting a bomb to her heart, he releases the toxin just as Superman arrives.

The illusory effects of this are such that he begins to think of Lois as doomsday. Following his intuition, the Kryptonian flies out of Earth’s atmosphere, with Lois in his arms. When the effects wear off, he realizes his madness, but by then it is too late.

9 A son named Jon Kent

Superman Jon Kent Quintessence Infinite Frontier

From 2015 Superman: Convergence # 2 introduced the world to Clark and Lois’ son Jon Kent, who would later become the new Superboy.

After convergence, Jon’s parents lived a quiet life in a quiet California town (as seen in Superman: Lois and Clark). While Jon discovers some powers of his own, he is still unsure of their origin, as both Clark and Lois do not reveal their true identities to him. However, once they were kidnapped by the Intergang crime group, prompting Jon to reveal his powers to the rest of the world. After this moment, Jon’s ancestry became clearer. On RenaissanceOn the other hand, Jon discovers his powers after accidentally killing a cat and hawk with heat vision, causing Superman to teach him self-control.

8 The 1996 Marriage Special

In 1996, the two eternal DC comic book lovers finally got married, an event that was commemorated in a special one-shot titled The wedding album. The comic is noteworthy not only for this historical event, but also for incorporating the art of almost all living things. Superman artist of the time.

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Except for some dream sequences Superman’s wedding on Earth Two in Action Comics # 484, both characters were never officially married until 1996. Interestingly, the wedding coincided with the wedding of Superman and Lois in the television series Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.

7 A date on the Titanic

Superman and Lois Lane dining in a cabin on the Titanic

The twelve-issue miniseries Superman All-Star served as a non-canon version of Superman coming to terms with his apparent death. Due to an inappropriate body reaction caused by excessive solar radiation, Superman was convinced that he did not have many days to live. Clark Kent’s version of this story had also hidden his identity from Lois Lane.

Wanting to spend his last moments with Lois, he finally revealed himself on her birthday and took her on a date at the Fortress of Solitude. They shared dinner in a room on the Titanic. It turns out that Superman had restored the ship and kept it inside the Fortress.

6 Lois briefly left Superman alone on Earth

Later Renaissance, Man of steel revealed that Superman’s father, Jor-El, was still alive and that he is willing to take Jon with him to other cosmic worlds where he can teach him the ways of his home planet, Krypton. While Superman is very much against this decision, Lois agrees with Jor-El’s treatment as long as she can monitor her son’s progress and well-being.

For this reason, Superman is left alone on Earth until Jon becomes a teenager. Back on the planet, Lois resumes her work on a book, which brings her a short distance from her husband.

5 They took a break after the Doomsday attacks

Clark Kent kissing Lori Lemaris

After Superman’s highly publicized death at the hands of Doomsday and his subsequent resurrection, Lois’s relationship with him became strained for a brief period of time. To clear her mind, she took international press assignments and kept busy, stepping away from Superman’s overprotective tendencies.

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Before her self-imposed incognito, the Atlantean mermaid Lori Lemaris reappeared in Clark’s life. While visiting Metropolis for some time, Clark offers to stay in his own apartment (which he shares with Lois). Considering that they had both dated in their younger days at the University of Metropolis, Lois definitely feels a bit insecure.

4 Adopted Chris Kent

General Zod and Ursa once had a son who was eventually adopted by Lois and Clark. The baby known as Lor-Zod was renamed Chris Kent by his new parents. With Batman’s technological help, his new parents made sure his Kryptonian powers were under control before he could master them. Chris has had his own share of adventures, befriending Tim Drake (Robin) as a boy. He even took the mantle of Nightwing in Kandor.

When his parents escaped from the Phantom Zone, they unleashed an army of criminal Kryptonians on Earth. They tried to get Chris back, but he chose to side with his adoptive parents, using his powers to fight Zod.

3 Lois beheaded Superman in a dark dimension

Dark Lois Lane holding Superman's head

A segment of Dark Knights: Death Metal noble No more superheroes found Lois Lane meeting a version of her from another dimension (nicknamed Dark Lois Lane). The Lois of this world questioned superheroes for causing more harm than good.

By seeking help from the Superman villain Maxima and using amber kryptonite, Dark Lois successfully defeated Superman, beheaded him, and absorbed his powers. With his newfound powers, he effortlessly subdues the rest of the Justice League.

two A joke date in an alternate reality

Clark Kent shaking hands with Lois Chaudhari in Superman: Secret Identity

Kurt Busiek had a rather interesting version of the Clark Kent story in Superman: secret identity. The four-part story reinvented a world where superheroes only exist in comics. Superman, like the real world version of the hero, is just a fictional alien. However, Kent discovers that his powers match those of this superhero.

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He continues to reveal this secret to a reporter of Indian origin named Lois Chaudhari. The two are on a prank date arranged by their friends. They still get along and end up getting married. The arc ends with Clark and Lois settling on a Kansas farm, raising two daughters who also inherit Clark’s powers.

1 Superman gifted his own powers to Lois

Superman gifts Lois with his superpowers as a vial of liquid DNA

On the aforementioned date on Titanic, Superman also gifted his love interest a special birthday present. He had preserved his DNA in a liquefied form that gave Lois the powers of the Kryptonian hero (such as super strength and flying). As he is certain of his imminent death, he wished to transmit his powers to her even if it only lasted one day. He even designed a special suit for her for this purpose.

So, for 24 hours, Lois Lane adopted the alias “Superwoman”, avoiding a monster attack on Metropolis. It’s one of the most poignant moments in the adventures of Superman and Lois in the comics.

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