The Big Bang Theory: 5 story endings fans completely reject (& 5 that were perfectly in character)

With 12 seasons to Big Bang TheoryAs it is called, there are numerous stories that ended so that new ones could begin. However, as the show progressed, there were some decisions that seemed out of place for Penny, Sheldon, Leonard, and company. Sometimes it seemed like endings were imposed on characters before they were developed. But they weren’t always rushed. Some endings perfectly suited the characters that TBBT fans came to love.

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From babies to lab projects, Big Bang Theory covered a ton of territory through the character’s works, romantic lives, and friendships. But which endings did fans love and which ones did they loathe?

10 Rejected: Penny becomes a mother

As exciting as it was that Penny and Leonard were expecting a baby in the series finale, this news stunned fans. Penny was adamant about not becoming a mother because she loved her and Leonard’s life as it was. Everything was great between them.

For many female fans, it was refreshing to see a woman on television who did not want to become a mother. After all, just because Leonard and Penny were married didn’t mean they needed children to be happy. But in a strange twist, Penny threw her needs and wants out the window and got pregnant in the series finale.

9 In character: Stuart’s ending with Denise

While Stuart’s character development changed from the beginning of the series, things started to look up for him in the end. He was able to find a woman who did not want him to change, had the same passion for comics and saw a future with him.

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Stuart ended up having the happy ending he deserved, and fans were happy for him. In addition to finding love, her business was also thriving after years of trouble. Stuart Bloom’s ending was perfect.

8 Rejected: Raj’s love life

Raj and Anu TBBT

Raj is a sore spot for many fans. He was the only friend in the group who didn’t break up with anyone, although he was the most romantic. And just when Raj was finding independence, he turned to tradition and decided to enter into an arranged marriage.

Unfortunately, Anu did not stay. His character felt forced and did not fit in well with the group. Many fans felt that her character was especially useless when Raj wasn’t even done with her.

7 In character: Sheldon and Amy’s Nobel Prize

There is no singular main character in Big Bang Theory, but it’s hard to deny Sheldon’s spell on the group. While some characters considered Leonard to be the core of the group, Sheldon’s brilliance and quirks made him the center of it all.

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After years of studying, researching, and theorizing, it all paid off in the series finale when he and Amy won a Nobel Prize. His victory made all of Sheldon’s difficult and annoying moments worthwhile.

6 Rejected: Howard never got his Ph.D.

Howard's Lab with Sheldon in The Big Bang Theory

It’s a long-standing joke that Howard was the only one in the group (aside from Penny) who didn’t have his Ph.D. He always found he didn’t need it and was able to work at Caltech and become an astronaut without one. However, that didn’t stop Sheldon’s teasing.

It would have been a validation for Howard to get his Ph.D. But at the same time, Howard had nothing to prove. He was a fantastic engineer with numerous opportunities without his Ph.D.

5 In character: Penny’s business ideas

Penny's Shoe App - The Big Bang Theory

Penny is not as “dumb” as the boys make her seem. Sometimes Penny had more common sense than Sheldon and Leonard.

One of his flaws, however, is his lack of concentration. There were a few times throughout the series where Penny started something but didn’t finish. She created a shoe search app with Sheldon that was never mentioned again, went to work for herself selling Penny Blossoms but never followed it up, and even her time in college seemed to be a waste. However, Penny started and left something related to her character. She was a passionate woman who did not continue with things when she was bored with them.

4 Rejected: Howard’s project with the US government.

Sheldon falls asleep through a long night in the lab with howard and leonard on the big bang theory

In season 10, Howard, Sheldon, and Leonard’s gyro was picked up by the US Air Force.Under the watchful eye of the government, the three men worked tirelessly on their invention to perfect it. But one day, the group of friends showed up for work and all their equipment and work had been cleaned. The Air Force was happy with what the men had done so far and took over the project themselves.

Seeing all their work taken away was disheartening. It felt like it was all in vain when it was taken away unfinished. To make matters worse, the Air Force asked Sheldon to continue helping them, even though it was Howard’s original idea. This was a bitter ending for fans to understand.

3 In character: Bernadette turned off Raj’s crush

Things became too close for his comfort when Raj secretly fell in love with Bernadette. With Howard as his best friend, he crossed the line. Rather than brush the crush under the rug, Bernadette took it into her own hands and forced Raj to remove it from her. In Howard’s mother’s voice, Bernadette scolded Raj for crossing borders. It was very successful for his character, not to mention nipping Raj’s infatuation in the bud.

two Rejected: Howard’s brother


In season eight, Howard discovered that he had a half brother named Josh. Fans assumed Josh would be a welcome new part of the show considering Howard was alone. But as soon as Josh entered Howard’s life, he left. Fans couldn’t help but wonder why the writers added him to the series if they weren’t going to continue a story with Howard. The end of this new relationship upset many.

1 In Character: The Last Hours of Amy’s Virginity

Amy Shaves With Bernadette And Penny On Tbbt

Fans of #Shamy were thrilled when Sheldon and Amy got back together after breaking up. They were even more excited when Sheldon realized that he was ready to consummate their relationship. When Penny and Bernadette found out that Sheldon was ready to do the deed, they prepared Amy ahead of time so she wouldn’t panic. Amy amusedly perched on the steps before proceeding to wax her bikini for the big night. Watching Penny and Bernadette prepare Amy for her big romantic evening was the perfect ending for old Amy.

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