The Conners Showrunner explains why Becky’s relapse was necessary

Conners showrunner Bruce Helford explains why the show reviewed Becky’s alcoholism, saying he didn’t want to do fans a disservice.

Showrunner Bruce Helford has revealed why it was necessary to incorporate the plot of Becky’s relapse into The Conners. The Conners launched on ABC in 2018 with substantial ratings. In the spinoff series, the blue-collar family of the same name (John Goodman, Sara Gilbert, Laurie Metcalf, Michael Fishman, and Lecy Goranson) struggle to adjust to life after losing Barr’s matriarch to an opiate overdose while also struggles to survive on a modest income. Through the years, The Conners It has established itself as one of the leading comedies on television, leading the 18-49 show and racking up massive critical acclaim for its depiction of real-life issues like the COVID-19 pandemic. In season 3, the show has also featured some heartwarming callbacks to the original. Roseanne and previous iterations, which has had a significant impact on the direction of the story in recent episodes.

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The Conners Season 3 episode 14, “Money, Alcohol, and Lies” found Becky (Goranson) reconnecting with her honor rival in high school, Mike Withers, over dinner. The reunion, however, ends in a tragic detour from sobriety after Becky succumbs to drinking wine to hide her alcoholism. In the next consecutive episodes that aired Wednesday, the slip plunges into a full-blown relapse as Becky begins hitting the bottle more frequently to cope with her dire life choices and increase the distance with her young daughter, Beverly. Rose The Conners finally discover the setback, and they jump straight to help Becky, offering her some tough love to bring her back from the lowest point. Now, the executive producers have opened up about Becky’s spiral, explaining why her drinking problem needed to be reexamined.

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In a recent conversation with Tv line, The Conners Showrunner Bruce Helford explained why Becky fell off the wagon. Helford said that when Becky became pregnant, she abruptly stopped drinking and, after having her baby, did not drink again even though she had stopped breastfeeding. This bow, Helford explains, may have done an injustice to those who suffer from alcoholism, as it is not so easy for most people to stop drinking instantly. The Conners always try to show relevant issues realistically. So it didn’t fit the show to skip Becky’s situation for narrative convenience, and she had to go back to the problem again. Helford said:

“When he was going through his original drinking problem on the show, he stopped [because] she was pregnant. After the baby was born, you stopped breastfeeding and could possibly drink again. [but she didn’t]. And we thought we could have done a disservice by making it look so easy that someone might just stop doing it all at once. “

“It’s not that easy [quit drinking] for most people, and our show always tries to be a touchstone of reality in a world of sitcoms that it often isn’t. He would definitely face this problem again. “

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Helford also added that the next episodes of season 3 of The Conners would follow Becky during her recovery from alcoholism. Unlike last time when she stopped drinking on her own, Becky is now going to rehab and her journey there will be shown in a few episodes to come. Helford also wants to navigate the impact of Becky’s relapse on her dad, Emilio. But he’s saving that story for a possible fourth season. Season 4 has yet to be announced, but discussions for a renewal are ongoing. And considering the collective positive response from fans and viewers, Helford believes some good news is imminent.

It is certainly a bold decision on the part of The Conners to face Becky’s drinking problem again. So far, Becky has done a commendable job of keeping things together, but now her relapse authentically reflects the plight of many former alcohol abusers who have been pushed to the brink due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Becky’s Relapse is an intense and moving story that teaches lessons about vulnerability and encourages people to realize that they would be loved and supported for being themselves. So hopefully in the future, Becky will emerge as a winner and get her life back on track so that her story becomes a motivational beacon for those who see themselves in her character.

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