The coolest Avengers villains will never see the MCU

The Liberators, created to be the supervillain version of the Ultimates, are too political, too dependent on Loki, and too graphic to ever be in the MCU.

Despite the many villains that have been reintroduced to new audiences in the MCU, one of the Avengers coolest enemies, the Ultimate Marvel Universe Liberators, you may never have a chance to transition. This evil Avengers team similar to DC’s Crime Syndicate was created to emulate or outperform members of the famous American superhero team. Despite being extremely realistic and cinematic, their motivations and characters may be too political, graphic, or dependent on their secret puppet master, Thor’s half-brother Loki, for Disney to give them a chance soon.

Created by writer Mark Millar and artist Bryan Hitch for the Ultimates 2 series of 2005, the Liberators are formed by a coalition of the other superpowers of the world that want to face the rise of power in the US military complex, driven by SHIELD and its relationship with the Ultimates, his universe’s version of the Avengers. The Ultimates’ involvement in the invasion of Iraq results in North Korea, Russia, Syria, and other countries investing time and resources in building a team of multinational supervillains. All members, from the Crimson Dynamo to the Insect Queen, are volunteers whose bodies have been experimented on and modified, granting them abilities that equal or exceed those of the Ultimates. Accompanied by an impressive army of foot soldiers, the Liberators gain important information from Hank Pym and Black Widow, whose betrayal helps the Liberators prepare for their big time.

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After months of manipulation that leaves the Ultimates shattered and unprepared, the Liberators invade the United States, destroy the Triskelion, and disable much of the government, as well as members of the Ultimates. Many of Ultimate Marvel’s heroes are later imprisoned, some even poised to be publicly executed to end their threat to the free world. Each member of the Libertadores has their own reasons for participating, from political to personal, and it seems they have really won. Unfortunately, their own arrogance and underestimation of the Ultimates’ capabilities leads to their downfall, as these Avengers gradually gain a second breath, defeating and killing most of the Liberators in battle. In the end, it is revealed that the events throughout the entire series, including this, are thanks to the God of Liberators, Loki, who has chosen to make Thor’s Midgardian kingdom his personal playground of vengeance and suffering.

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Although the Ultimates are the model for much of the MCU’s Avengers, the themes and attitude of the Liberators may not fit in well with the overall direction of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Writer Mark Millar reinvented and reinterpreted the Avengers for the modern age, showing a team not only fighting supervillains but also ideological and political opponents. The Liberators were created literally to fight against them and their government, whose use of superheroes has upset the balance of world powers. This team believes that they are the heroes who fight against their great Satan. Ultimates 2 it’s full of blood, death, dismemberment, and other mature situations that have only been briefly mentioned in the Marvel movies. The Liberators are also overly reliant on Loki, who joins in to be a counterpoint to Thor in the Ultimates. Joyfully watching events unfold, he shows little remorse or concern as the Liberators begin to lose, taking responsibility for getting their hands dirty and exposing the extent of their manipulations here.

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In the end, the Liberators are operating on a different level of storytelling that the MCU isn’t ready or ready to go in that direction for. While the MCU version of Loki displays considerable power and deception, he has consistently allied himself with others to achieve his own goals unlike the Ultimate Loki version, whose threat is only nullified when Thor returns to help. the Ultimates. Although the Liberators will not be in the MCU soon, his battle with his Avengers forever change heroes who realize their symbolism won’t always inspire the best in the world.

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