King In Black is forcing Marvel Comics’ first family, the Fantastic Four, to face their greatest enemies yet, and it won’t be an easy fight to win.

Warning: Contains spoilers for Fantastic Four # 30

The Fantastic four is considered the first Marvel family, so they are no strangers to the bad guys, but thanks to the King in black history, they are about to face their most dangerous enemies yet: themselves! The alien symbiote god Knull has invaded Earth and is rapidly taking over everything, including New York City, and has now infected Johnny Storm and Ben Grimm. They are together and head straight to the team’s headquarters on Yancy Street, ready to take on Reed Richards and Sue Storm.

Earlier in the King In Black saga, the Fantastic Four got separated while fighting the symbiote dragons that Knull had unleashed in New York City. While Reed and Sue returned home, Ben and Johnny did not. The Invisible Woman and Mr. Fantastic know that Johnny was taken by the King in Black, but they have the impression that his good friend Ben was still on his side and was not infected. Fortunately for them, Spider-Man has spotted The Thing on the streets and warns the couple that he, too, has become Knullified.

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On Fantastic Four # 30, written by Dan Slott with art by Ze Carlos, the remaining members of the team will have to face their allies now controlled by symbiotes. Reed admits to Susan that this could be his most dangerous threat to date, and says that two of his biggest enemies are on their way home. These are the two people in the entire world who know the best ways to hurt them. This is really bad for Reed and Sue, as Knull will surely use everything these two know about the Fantastic Four and their home to take them down.

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Johnny and Ben know exactly where the only weak point in their defense grid is and they head straight for it. Mr. Fantastic points out that Ben knows all his security measures and that is something that Knull can take advantage of through him, which is very likely to happen. Not only that, they also know Sue and Reed’s weaknesses in a battle, so if this comes down to a two-on-two battle, Johnny and Ben are the likely winners. Sue and Reed love their friends and family, which means that they would probably be afraid of hurting them if necessary, even if they are under Knull’s control.

Mr. and Mrs. Fantastic prepare for battle against their worst enemies, but fans will know how difficult it will be for them to do what it takes to take down their loved ones, even if they are Knullified. The King in black He’s not known for throwing his punches, and he’s sure to take advantage of everything Johnny and Ben know about their teammates. See how it all unfolds when Fantastic four # 30 hits stores and digital platforms on April 14.

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