The PlayStation games Sony should remake before the Last of Us

Sony may have a remake of The Last of Us for PS5 on the way, but there are plenty of other PlayStation classics that deserve a revival sooner.

The Playstation 5 Generation seems to be a sure-bet period for Sony, with a recent report of a 2013 remake The last of us on the way and a sequel to Past days cancelled. Sony is seemingly doubling down on what works, steering development toward its renowned PlayStation-exclusive blockbuster games and moving away from the smaller projects of newer developers. But before releasing a game that has already gotten a PS4 remastering, you should dig into its catalog of forgotten franchises to enrich the PS5 library.

The original The last of us received a flawless remastering in 2014, and its critically acclaimed sequel was released less than a year ago. A PS5 remake might make more sense once the Netflix adaptation of the show happens, but even then, an update to the existing remaster would work just as well as a redo from scratch.

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There are PlayStation games much older than The last of us that would benefit much more from a modern reinvention. The publisher’s decades of history holds many hidden gems worth polishing for the PlayStation 5 era.

War Of The Monsters Should Get A PS5 Remake Before The Last Of Us

War of the Monsters Sony Remake

In 2003, developer Incognito Entertainment took a break from Twisted metal to produce Monster war for PlayStation 2. A 3D multiplayer fighting game in the vein of Capcom Power stone, Monster war depicts giant mechs, giant apes, and other kaiju fighting in major cities. He received moderate praise at the time, but never received a follow-up of any kind.

No new monster movies in theaters Monster war it relied on 1950s nostalgia rather than specific giant monsters as its selling point. In 2021, fans of Legendary Entertainment’s MonsterVerse movies would likely enjoy a Monster war restart or redo.

Ape Escape Should Get A PS5 Remake Before The Last Of Us

The monkey escape

The The monkey escape The franchise is one of the most underused in Sony’s catalog. The first game sold to fans on the DualShock controller on the original PlayStation, but the franchise eventually died out, and the last entry was a 2011 rails shooter tied to the PlayStation Move.

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There’s a continuous rebirth of 3D platformers for the moment, but Sony is losing its window to rely on the nostalgia that many PlayStation fans feel for the original game. Beyond business reasons, The monkey escapeThe gameplay is pretty new, and it’s been long enough that even a rehash of the first game feels fresh with a fresh coat of paint.

Lemmings should get a PS5 remake before the last of us

Lemmings Sony Remake

Sony acquired the rights to the ’90s puzzle franchise Lemmings along with European developer Psygnosis, which later became known as Sony Computer Entertainment’s Studio Liverpool. The series saw a remake of the original game for PS2, PS3, and PSP; a tactile game for the PS Vita; and a mobile game released in 2018, but neither of these were enough to keep it in the limelight.

It is strange that Sony at least has not carried the new Lemmings PC games, where the franchise continues to be highly regarded among retro enthusiasts. It also seems like the perfect series to work with a smaller studio, especially if Sony wanted it to be a game that could power the PlayStation Plus. Hereinafter, Lemmings It has gone from a familiar name to a forgotten memory, and that should change.

Wipeout should get a PS5 remake before the last of us

Screenshot of Wipeout

Before its closure in 2012, Studio Liverpool was perhaps best known as the team behind Clean up, a series of futuristic racing games exclusive to PlayStation. The last new game in the series was Wipeout 2048, a PS Vita launch titleand an HD collection of 2048 Y Wipeout HD came to PS4 in 2017.

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Arcade racers have been few and far between in recent years, but a new entry in the old franchise may well flourish, if Sony really backs it up. A new Clean up The game would probably need to offer a lower difficulty option to extend the appeal of the game, but it’s easy to imagine a full sequel as a technical showcase for the PlayStation 5 hardware.

The Mark Of Kri Should Get A PS5 Remake Before The Last Of Us

The Kri Sony Remake brand

Even if Sony wants to stay very close to its current wheelhouse of action games with dramatic cinematic stories, the PlayStation 2 era offers a great candidate for a modern update. The first set of MLB the show creator San Diego Studio, The Mark of Kri and its follow-up, Rise of the Kasai, They were action adventures starring the Polynesian protagonist Rau. Such as God of War Updated from a hack-and-slasher to a dramatic adventure in Norse mythology, Rau’s journey could be re-told with cinematic flair and improved combat mechanics in Playstation 5.

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Resident Evil Village Trilogy

Resident Evil Village is reportedly the middle chapter of a trilogy

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