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From HBO The sopranos it is a masterfully written piece of television. Much of the praise is directed at the show’s characters, all of whom are expertly written and performed. Most of these characters are genuinely horrible people, full of rage, greed, and murderous tendencies. Some even kill innocent people. But they are also wonderfully complex and contain many traits of sympathy and sympathy.

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No character in The sopranos it is totally bad, but they are not all good either. They are certainly not holy, but even the most antagonistic characters display some kind of “good” trait that allows the audience to connect emotionally with their story.

10 Tony’s Best: Fatherly Love

Tony Soprano and Meadow in the episode of The Sopranos

Tony Soprano may not be a great father, but no one will deny that he loves his children. He absolutely adores Meadow, encouraging his academic pursuits and even sharing something close to the truth about his role in the mob. It is clear that he loves and respects her very much, and often considers her a mature equal.

The relationship he shares with AJ is obviously a bit more difficult, due in large part to AJ’s lack of ambition. However, it is still obvious that he loves his son, as is evident when Tony saves AJ from taking his own life.

9 The worst thing about Tony: making everyone miserable

Tony has a horrible penchant for making everyone around him absolutely miserable. Tony is not a happy person and languishes in therapy with Dr. Melfi, often ignoring her advice, wallowing in self-pity, and refusing to push himself.

Instead of becoming a better person, Tony chooses to drag everyone else down to his level. This is perhaps most evident in “Cold Cuts,” when a jealous Tony breaks Janice’s newfound peace that he achieved through anger management.

8 The best of Carmela: friendly and welcoming

Carmela's head shot in The Sopranos

If nothing else, Carmela Soprano is very friendly and welcoming. Yes, one could certainly argue that this is the “role” she is supposed to play as a mob wife. However, it seems that Carmela genuinely cares in most cases.

She often prepares food for guests and always welcomes people to her home. She is genuinely friendly to most people in her inner circle, even if her sense of superiority often annoys them (as is the case between her and Charmaine Bucco).

7 The worst of Carmela: promoting the lifestyle

While Carmela Soprano doesn’t work directly in the mob business, she certainly gets a lot of rewards. Carmela is openly aware of her own hypocrisy, often scolding Tony for his behavior and at the same time enjoying his riches.

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In one of the series’ most shocking scenes, Carmela sees a psychiatrist and is blatantly attacked for her own hypocrisy. The psychiatrist makes no effort, not even calling her a “facilitator” of Tony’s actions. Of course, like most of the characters in The sopranos, Carmela does not heed his warnings and refuses to improve as a person.

6 Best of Christopher: Staying Sober

Chris and Tony having a barbecue

Perhaps surprisingly, Christopher Moltisanti actually takes his newfound sobriety very seriously. After falling into a seemingly bottomless pit regarding his drug use, Christopher cleans himself up and shows a genuine desire to stay sober for the remainder of the show.

He generally avoids Bing and other hangouts due to rampant drinking and partying, and in many subsequent scenes he is often seen sipping a soft drink or non-alcoholic beer. Also rejects Tony numerous insists that I start drinking again.

5 The worst of Christopher: killer psychopath

Many characters within the mob are violent individuals, but Christopher is perhaps the worst of all. While he remains one of the most supportive characters on the show, he is also one of the most ruthless and psychotic.

In one case, he throws a stone at the head of a waiter after being confronted with his poor tip. In another, he shows up drunk at JT’s apartment, spills his guts, and shoots JT in the head. Unlike many others on the show, Chris was never afraid of harming, or even killing, innocent people.

4 Junior’s Best: His Jokes

Junior uncle looking at the camera the sopranos

Junior Soprano is nothing more than a joker. Junior’s role throughout the show is pretty nebulous, he flows seamlessly from antagonist to sympathetic supporting character. Perhaps Junior’s most famous trait is his funny jokes.

A lot of these jokes are terribly inappropriate, but that’s just part of Junior’s character. He wants to entertain those around him and, in most cases, those people want dirty jokes.

3 Worst of Junior: Anything to retain power

The Sopranos - Pilot

Throughout Season 1, Junior is placed in a position of false power. He serves as the public figure of the mob while Tony secretly controls things from the sidelines. Junior is very easy to manipulate and everyone sees how powerless he really is (especially Livia).

However, Junior’s ego often gets a hold of him, and he will do anything to show his power and strength, including having his own nephew killed. Fortunately, Tony is able to avoid the hitmen, surviving Junior’s orchestrated attack.

two Best of Melfi: a genuine desire to help Tony

During a time there, Dr. Melfi shows a genuine desire to help Tony. She sees him continually, despite his often violent outbursts and general unwillingness to participate, and shows a sense of professionalism in helping a mob boss, seeing him first as a person in need of professional mental help.

And to her credit, she often comes close to making breakthroughs with Tony, proving her abilities as a therapist. Unfortunately, Tony is simply unwilling to improve himself as a person and continually fails to make such progress.

1 The worst thing about Melfi: looking for emotions

Like all the characters in The sopranos, there is a darker edge for Dr. Melfi. The first few seasons portray a Melfi genuinely willing to commit to Tony on a professional level. However, as the series progresses, Melfi begins to take some interest in being the therapist for a mob boss, finding a sense of excitement and intrigue in the idea.

Despite countless pleas from her colleagues and family to leave Tony as a patient, she refuses. And in season 3’s “Employee of the Month”, she actually considers using Tony to seek revenge against the person who raped her. To their credit, it doesn’t.

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