The Umbrella Academy: 10 Things Only Comic Book Fans Know About Klaus

Since The Umbrella Academy First released, viewers have been engrossed in the action television series for its suspense-filled plot and refreshing take on dysfunctional families. Sir Reginald Hargreeves, also known as The Monocle, adopted seven children from different mothers when they were born and trained them to be superheroes.

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Of all the siblings, Klaus Hargreeves, played by Robert Sheehan on the show, has been one of the most beloved characters. His traumatic childhood and hilarious antics have captured the attention of viewers. While fans knew that he can talk to the dead and summon them, Klaus has more superpowers than only comic book readers know about. Also, something happened in Vietnam that might be too shocking for TV fans.

10 Klaus was the reason for the Apocalypse

Apocalypse by Klaus Hargreeves_The Umbrella Academy

Klaus Hargreeves is an eccentric and drug user who enjoys a hedonistic lifestyle. In the second season of The Umbrella Academy, the brothers dispersed in Dallas in different years after Number Five transported them all to keep the world safe from his sister, Vanya Hargreeves, who was causing the apocalypse.

Meanwhile, the comics version told a different story. Klaus was captured by Hazel and Cha-Cha, although he escaped. He obtained the duo’s nuclear missiles and detonated them by accident.

9 Klaus’ powers included levitation and immortality

Klaus Hargreeves levitating_The Umbrella Academy

In the Netflix series, Klaus’ powers include necromancy – talking to the dead and summoning them. With the help of Ben Hargreeves, his dead brother, he can also float in the air.

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Meanwhile, in the comics, Klaus is called Seance for his ability to communicate with and channel the non-living. He also had the gifts of immortality, possession, levitation, and could communicate via radio waves. Like his brothers, he can be really powerful. Despite this has It’s only been two seasons. The upcoming third season could show more of Klaus’ abilities.

8 Hazel and Cha-Cha tortured Klaus at a later time

Klaus Hargreeves tortured_

The Netflix series showed Hazel and Cha-Cha capturing Klaus in the first season. He lit a joint and had his headphones on while in the bathtub, and was completely oblivious to the attack on the academy caused by the killers. The duo found him, tied him up, and transported him to a motel.

Meanwhile, in the comics, he was later kidnapped. It was only during the 1980 mission that Hazel kidnapped Klaus. At the same time, his brothers were in Dallas, which happened during the show’s second season.

7 When Klaus died, he saw God in the form of a cowboy

Klaus Hargreeves's Heaven

Klaus died when Hazel and Cha-Cha captured him. The killers took him in to obtain clues about his brother, Number Five. After torturing Klaus for information, they shot him in the head. Of course, his story did not end there. He woke up in a black and white setting and saw a girl who was believed to be God Himself. Then he woke up again sitting in a barber chair, being shaved by his father, Sir Reginald Hargreeves.

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In the comics, Klaus still died, but he woke up in a colorless desert with a cowboy in sight. The place was believed to be paradise, and the cowboy as God, who told Klaus he was coming back to life as he was not a big fan of the shoot.

6 Klaus’ love interest Dave didn’t exist

Klaus Hargreeves with Dave_

Klaus used Hazel and Cha-Cha’s briefcase to travel back in time. When he did, he was accidentally transported to the Vietnam War, where he met his love interest, a man named Dave. When love hit him, he stayed on the period for ten months.

But when Dave died in the war, it broke Klaus’s fragile heart. Alcohol and drugs hampered her abilities, so Klaus tried sobriety in hopes of summoning her dead boyfriend. In the comic book version, Dave was not part of the characters.

5 Klaus went with his brothers to the Vietnam War

Private Klaus Hargreeves

In contrast to the show’s plot, Klaus went to the war-torn country of Vietnam with his brothers Diego and Luther. The brothers were trapped for several years. Besides, Klaus was not a soldier. Instead, he was a businessman and ran a local nightclub.

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Unlike the show, the Klaus from the comics didn’t seem interested in men. In fact, he had a son with a Vietnamese woman. However, Klaus did not have a relationship with his offspring as he finally left Vietnam after a few years.

4 Klaus’ dependence on substances got worse

Klaus never liked his powers. As a child, his father, Sir Reginald Hargreeves, locked him in a mausoleum to help him overcome his fears. Although his intentions were probably for the good of his son, Reginald created a deep trauma in the young Klaus.

The experience completely changed Klaus. As an adult, he turned to alcohol and drugs to escape the voices in his head. The substances also helped him not to see ghosts. As the show progressed, Klaus seemed to sober up. In the comics, however, his addiction worsened.

3 Klaus never formed a cult

Cult of Klaus Hargreeves

After Vietnam, Klaus was transported to Dallas. He didn’t know anyone there except the spirit of his dead brother Ben, who is glued to him. However, Klaus met a wealthy woman and later formed a cult, which made him very famous. During his time in Texas, Klaus also located a younger Dave and tried to prevent him from enlisting in the military.

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Fans speculated that Klaus formed a cult to promote peace and prevent the Vietnam War, where Dave, his lover, died. However, the cult of Klaus did not happen in the comics.

two Klaus had telekinesis

As already mentioned, the comic Klaus can levitate on his own and even has eternal life, probably the reason why God despised him. However, these aren’t the only powers he has in the comics that don’t make their way into the live-action series, as the original Klaus has at least one more trick up his sleeve: telekinesis.

In the comics, Klaus also had the ability to move things with his mind. He can even lift people with his telekinesis, showing how strong this ability is.

1 Klaus was not Pan

While fans of the adaptation loved Klaus’ pansexual character, longtime fans of the comic book series knew that his character was initially written as straight. Klaus in the Netflix series fell in love with an unfortunate soldier while trapped in a particular era, while Klaus in the comics had a child with a local in Vietnam.

The Klaus on the show usually wears black clothes and eyeliner. Sometimes with a hint of color, but not too bright. His appearance mirrored the comics, although the book version generally showed him wearing a tie.

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