Given that the Marvel comics universe is now over 80 years old, it’s fair to say that there have been a lot of great comic book stories about our beloved heroes. Among these heroes are the incredible crossover events where superheroes from the comics cross each other to fight a great villain, none more prominent and well-known than Earth’s mightiest heroes, the Avengers.

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Over the years, virtually every Marvel hero, and most villain, has been a part of the Avengers At some point, and with so many characters and stories, among the great classics, there have also been some slightly unsettling ones that fans will never see on the big screen, and thankfully.

10 Marvel Zombies would be too gory for Disney

Colonel America Steve Rogers Marvel Zombies

This classic Marvel comic series was Marvel’s first step into the world of horror and was, in fact, written by the creator of The Walking Dead, Robert Kirkman. It followed a deadly virus that infected the world and turned superheroes into zombies, all of whom still had their own powers, so Earth was now a world full of superzombies.

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While many are praising the story, the amount of gore and gore in the comics would probably be too much for Disney to release, and without that, it really doesn’t make much sense. Perhaps, however, with the promise of the first MCU horror movie. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Insanityand the next Sword movie, there is a small chance.

9 Secret Wars would need a billion dollar budget

secret wars 2015

If you thought that Avengers Endgame It was a massive Marvel event filled with hundreds of amazing characters in that epic cast, Secret Wars would require a cast of maybe 10 times that many. Secret wars (written by Jim Shooter and drawn in pencil by Mike Zeck and Bob Layton) is the ultimate crossover event, where not just the heroes of Earth-616 had a role, but characters from multiple different alternate realities such as Zombies, Ultimates, and many more. , they were all involved.

This event would be the most epic moment in cinematic history if all of these characters were on screen, but given the immense scale and then the extreme cost of everything, Secret Wars is probably out of the question for the MCU.

8 The entire Starfox character should be ignored

Star fox

Thanos’ younger brother, Starfox, is one of the worst beings in the entire multiverse, let alone the universe. In fact, if Marvel ever includes him in the movies, Harry Styles is rumored to be playing him in the next. Eternal, then they will have to reconfigure their entire personality. Of course, viewers can’t wait long considering he’s the Mad Titan’s brother, but in many ways, he’s a lot worse.

Starfox’s powers essentially give him the ability to control other people’s emotions. That doesn’t sound too bad until you realize that he uses it primarily to seduce women and sexually assault them. So, given his disgusting personality, maybe it’s better to pretend he doesn’t exist.

7 Civil War II in the comics was way more hardcore than the MCU version

civil war 2

While we have already seen a version of this story in the MCU with Captain America: Civil War, the second most recent coming in the series Second Civil War (Brian Michael Bendis and David Marquez) took things to the next extreme level. The story pitted Iron Man against Captain Marvel in a wild tale that saw the two go head-to-head and brought many casualties and dark endings for many of our heroes.

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Not only would it be impossible, as Tony Stark sadly gave up his life in Avengers Endgamebut the sheer scale and number of dark events is probably too far off for the movies. For example, while Captain America: Civil War I saw them fight, but they held back a bit so they wouldn’t kill each other, Second Civil War It was brutal and even saw heroes like Hawkeye kill his friend Bruce Banner.

6 Spider-Man: Reign is a big no

While this isn’t strictly an Avengers comic series, it does feature one of the main members of the team, Peter Parker, aka Spider-Man. As Spidey is one of the most popular heroes in the entire universe, he has had many stories, from epic to horrible. An example of the horrible side is Spider-Man: Reign (Kaare Andrews and Jose Villarrubia).

This attempt to create a dark Spider-Man series wasn’t that bad, aside from a horrible plot point that saw Spider-Man’s wife Mary Jane Watson die. Not only was that enough, but she was actually killed by Spider-Man’s radioactive sperm or as they called it “radioactive spill.” It’s fair to say that this will never be made into a movie.

5 Thor: Vikings was an embarrassing comic book series

Another iconic member of the Avengers lineup was the God of Thunder, also known as Thor Odinson. The MCU’s version of Thor started off on the wrong foot, with first two forgettable films, but thankfully, with new director Taika Waititi, the third film. Thor: Ragnarok It was a huge change in tone and revitalized the series.

The movie showed viewers that a Thor movie is best when it’s full of action, humor, and bright in tone, so Thor: Vikings (Garth Ennis and Glenn Fabry) definitely doesn’t fit the bill. Not only this, but his Viking Reign also involved some pretty nasty moments like the rape of civilians, which goes to show why this should be ignored as well.

4 Captain America’s HYDRA Twist doesn’t make any sense

Captain America Hail Hydra

Steve Rogers, aka Captain America, is the epitome of what a hero should be. He’s brave, brave, honest and will never give up, and the new Disney + show, The hawk and the winter soldier, shows what a great hero he was, especially compared to his successor John Walker. Marvel came up with one of the most shocking twists of all time which revealed that Steve was an Agent of Hydra.

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Especially when Captain America said the words “Hail Hydra”, and not like the version in the elevator scene from Avengers EndgameMarvel single-handedly damaged the reputation of the world’s greatest soldier with something that was completely out of line and didn’t make much sense.

3 The number of brutal murders in the Ultimates wouldn’t be in a movie

The Ultimates Universe (Brian Michael Bendis, Warren Ellis and Mark Millar) had one of the best stories of all time with The last Spiderman, but it also took too long to make some of the worst comic series of all time with people like Ultimates III. One thing that is for sure in that universe is the amount of brutal and dark things that happen, especially perpetrated by the heroes themselves.

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Possibly the worst of them all is Hank Pym’s repeated abuse of his wife Janet, which actually ended up taking her to the hospital at one point. Not only this, but the Hulk eats people, Captain America is a xenophobe, and generally includes too many haunting and dark moments for the MCU.

two Captain Marvel’s son had one of the most controversial moments of all time

Once again, Marvel released another comic with an extremely controversial and inappropriate story, this time between Captain Marvel, also known as Carol Danvers, and her son Marcus Immortus. We haven’t seen Immortus in the MCU yet, and we hope he won’t appear in any future Captain Marvel movies.

This story revealed that he was not only Marcus Carol’s son, but he was also Marcus’s father. That’s right, Captain Marvel’s son also got her pregnant to escape a state of limbo and if this isn’t too disgusting for a Marvel movie then we’re not sure what it is.

1 Wanda and Quicksilver’s relationship took a dark turn

Ultimate Pietro Wanda

The Ultimates Universe It’s extremely dark and had many long-term controversial moments, but one that will never be forgotten was the relationship between the Maximoff twins, Wanda, and Pietro. Whereas in the movies, they are portrayed as brothers who would do anything for each other, in the Ultimates universe they went one step further and had romantic feelings for each other.

This was a relationship that no one wanted and it was incredibly strange and unsettling for all readers, especially when it ruins the fan opinion on two Avengers that most readers really liked. But, it’s almost definite that the MCU would never do something like this.

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