10 best anime with less than 30 episodes

In a world with so much anime, it seems like there isn’t enough time to see it all. Not when the average incredible piece of anime has hundreds of episodes. In this day and age, the average bingeing audience might not have enough free time to spend watching an anime with so many episodes.

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For all the busy bees looking for a short but sweet anime recommendation, luckily there’s still plenty to choose from. Not every anime compiles a mountain of episodes in its name. Some animes are comfortable and short lengths that either do well or make the viewer beg for more once the end credits appear for the last time.

10 The devil is a partial timer is as absurd as its title

Sadao Maou (The devil is a partial timer)

While this is definitely not the only short anime with a devilish title, The devil is a partial timer it is by far the most absurd and funniest to mention. The story follows Lord Beelzebub himself, only instead of raising hell into, well, hell, Satan walks among the living after looking into the face of defeat. Now, he is forced to work on an anime version of McDonald’s.

From there comes a comedy error that does double duty as a sly commentary on what it’s like to work minimum wage and how it can feel like a living hell among the living.

9 Berserk is a complete but incomplete anime

Berserk 1997 Guts vs Griffith

Anyone who has experienced Maddened whether in anime form or manga form, you know it’s one of the darkest and most depraved stories anyone could hope to find, which is even more ironic knowing that the same animation studio which made this also animate the original Pokemon Serie.

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Behind the necessary depravity of history that gives life to a poetic plot, the core of Maddened focuses on the blossoming and eventual demise of a friendship between the gruff but vulnerable Guts and the beautifully angelic, but secretly sinister Griffith. The studio only got a chance to animate the Golden Age Arc and part of the Black Swordsman before production ceased, and it only gave fans 25 episodes before ending in heartbreaking suspense. However, if anyone wanted to get a visual introduction to the ongoing manga, the 1997 anime is a good starting point.

8 Baccano is a definitive westernized anime

There is a great deal of anime that borrows elements from mainstream Western pop culture entertainment (aka Made in the USA). Show how Attack on Titan or Cowboy bebop fit into this kind of narrative. But none of them feel as perfectly Western and American as Baccano it does.

Especially for new fans of American anime, it might be difficult to immerse yourself in an anime that has such a different culture than yours. To solve that problem, something like Baccano It serves as a great starting point, and an easy one with only 16 episodes to worry about.

7 A place further away than the universe is healthy

Sometimes when time is tight, someone may just want to sleep on the couch to see something healthy, something that simply exists to put a smile on their face. If that’s the case, there is no better place to go than A place further than the universe.

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It’s a 13-episode anime that follows four high school girls trying to win a trip to Antarctica, one of whom wants to go because her mother disappeared in the Arctic a long time ago. It’s simple, straightforward, and to the point, but it delivers a poignant message about people desperately working for what they want. It’s poignant, so tear-filled moments interspersed with hilarious wholesomeness can sneak up on viewers.

6 Erased is science fiction with a hint of true crime


Everyone loves a good mystery in an era where true crime documentaries are all the rage now, but putting such a story on the sci-fi vein is when things get interesting. This is what Erased manages to achieve in just 12 episodes.

The high-concept anime stars 29-year-old Satoru Fujinuma, who experiences a phenomenon called The Revival that causes him to travel through time to avoid tragedies. When he discovers his mother’s body and is accused of killing her, the story turns into a police drama as he travels back to his childhood at age 10 to find the real culprit.

5 Hellsing Ultimate satisfies the diehard supernatural fan

For CW fans still looking for something new to fill the hole they Supernatural used to fill for 15 years, Hellsing Ultimate it could be your best bet on a solid replacement.

Logging only 10 episodes (all lasting around 40 minutes each, similar to average Supernatural run time of the episode), the story follows an organization founded by Van Helsing himself as they attempt to fulfill their duties to defeat vampires, demons, and just about everything else that happens at night.

4 Blood Lad is the twilight of anime

In the same way that Western audiences fell in love with human-vampire love stories like Bella and Edward from Twilight o Buffy and Angel, Japan ventured into the subgenre of vampire love in the form of Blood boy, a story about a vampire who falls in love with a human who inexplicably dies and becomes a ghost. That’s when Staz makes it her mission to help Fuyumi resurrect.

In just 10 episodes and an OVA, Blood Lad doesn’t get a chance to replicate the satisfying ending of its manga predecessor, but for what it is, this is lovely.

3 Devilman Crybaby has a dark and daring ending

Crying devilman

Despite what its title may suggest, Devilman crybaby it still manages to be deceptively dark. At first glance from the animation and even a bit from the first episode, it looks like an action-packed standard anime with some lighthearted fantasy and a dash of humor. All with Akira and Ryo’s dating “friendship” at the center of it all.

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It’s not long before Devilman Crybaby takes a dark turn toward more nihilistic ideas resulting in war, death, bigotry, blood, and a bittersweet ending. And it does it in an impressive way, all in a span of 10 episodes.

two Psycho-Pass is a beautiful mix of genres

Short anime series come in all different genres, but it can be difficult to decide where to start. That’s where something like Psycho-Pass comes into play, a wide mix of different compiled genres ranging from drama, thriller, psychological drama, science fiction, to cyberpunk.

With 22 episodes and a morally ambiguous antagonist with whom even the director related in a Otaku News interview, this story focuses on a Minority Report-esque future where it is possible for inspectors to assess how likely it is that someone will commit a crime through what is known as their Psycho-Pass.

1 Cowboy Bebop made a big impact with a small episode

cowboy bebop team

It’s amazing to imagine how much of an endearing legacy and cult after that Cowboy bebop he managed to create with only 26 episodes to his name. It is still considered globally among one of the best anime series to ever hit the screen, now with an upcoming Netflix live-action adaptation on the horizon starring John Cho as Spike.

A minor series could not have had such a strong and devoted fanbase in such a short number of episodes, but thanks to impeccable writing and memorable characters with excellent chemistry, this became an instant and surprisingly shocking classic.

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