The Challenge: All Stars hasn’t been renewed for another season yet, but if Season 2 happens, what competitors do fans want to see on the show?

Even if The challenge: all stars It has only aired two episodes on Paramount + so far and there has been no confirmation of a second season, if the reaction from fans is an indication of the potential longevity of the show, then it looks like another installation in the world. All the stars the format is a close guarantee.

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Fans of The challenge I’ve been hoping for years that some of the old-school competitors would return to the series, and All the stars finally made those dreams come true. But of course there are some players who the fans are already waiting It will also appear in a second season.

10 Jodi weatherton

Jodi Weatherton in confessional about The Challenge

Jodi Weatherton is one of those Challenge players that fans always wanted and expected more appearances from.

She was an incredibly physically dominant player who didn’t really have to play politics to win, but when she seemed to be at her competitive peak, she just stopped appearing on the series. The creation of All the stars provides the perfect opportunity for Jodi to come back and show everyone what she has now.

9 Rachel Robinson

Rachel Robinson from The Challenge

Although the game has changed a bit since Rachel Robinson last appeared, when she was a regular on The challenge He could give most male competitors a run for their money when it came to physical competition.

And despite the fact that the political game was frowned upon in her day, Rachel displayed a natural ability to play the game from a variety of different angles.

8 Veronica portillo

It hasn’t been long since Veronica Portillo last appeared in a season of The challenge, and while it actually showed that for the most part she can still be with the new generation of gamers, it would be more interesting to see her compete against her contemporaries.

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She has always been a master social player, so playing with or against people she is familiar with would certainly be entertaining.

7 Evelyn smith

evelyn smith the challenge

The competitive aspect of The challenge It’s only gotten more extreme as time has passed, and while Evelyn started out in an era where it wasn’t such a difficult game, it seems likely that she will still be as incredibly dominant as she was in her original run on the show.

She really was a game changer when it came to athletics for the women on the series, which is why fans are understandably desperate for her return.

6 Paula meronek

Paula Meronek in a Challenge confessional

More affectionately known as Paula Walnuts, Paula was a player who had no luck on her side for most of her early years. Challenge career, but she eventually ended up becoming quite a dominant player.

On top of that, she really got involved in much of the drama that happened on the show, and had strong relationships with many other competitors, so that alone would make her an interesting addition to. All the stars.

5 Casey cooper

MTV THE CHALLENGE the ruins sarah rice kellyanne judd casey cooper

Casey Cooper was never a gamer who seemed to actually play the game, but that’s a big reason why she remains so popular with audiences.

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Even if All the stars It’s a much harder game than some of the contestants might have hoped for, it still feels more upbeat and fun than the main series, so adding someone as goofy as Casey would really change the dynamics of the game in a great way.

4 Katie doyle

Katie has already returned to The challenge for the first season of All the stars, and fans were thrilled to realize that despite the years that have passed, she is still the same energetic and hilarious Katie as ever.

While seeing her mask in the water again is painful, hearing her curse like a sailor on Paramount + is hilarious, and there’s no reason why she shouldn’t return for a second season of the show.

3 Beth Stolarczyk

Promotional photo of Beth Stolarczyk from The Challenge All Stars

Beth was truly the original Challenge villain, she was the one stirring the pot and starting the drama before it got cool, and she loved it. Ironically, while her playing style made her the outcast among gamers of her day, she would be a perfect fit with today’s reality-savvy stars. Challenge.

When it comes to entertainment value, it’s hard to find someone better, and she deserves to be in season two of All the stars.

two Tina Barta

Tina Barta is best remembered as the super sassy girl who was never afraid to speak her mind, and has exactly the kind of personality that makes reality TV gold.

All the stars is the opportunity to The challenge to go back to its messier, funnier, and more dramatic roots, and adding someone like Tina to the show’s second season would only add to that.

1 Coral smith

Coral Smith from The Real World and the Challenge

Many competitors in everything The challengeThe story has made a great impression on audiences, but there are few characters who were more memorable and unique than Coral Smith.

While he wasn’t as physically dominant as some of the other players, his confessionals were always some of the best of the season, and he was never the type to back down from any confrontation. No wonder most fans would love to see her in a All the stars station.

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