10 cruelest things Batman has done in the comics

The symbol of justice for Gotham, bat Man, also known as the Dark Knight, is recognized most of the time for being a hero and saving countless lives throughout his life. Despite all this, and all the good he has done, he is also known as a rather dark and brutal person who has shown himself on many occasions.

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He may be the hero Gotham needed, but sometimes he took it too far in his search for a safe city. This part of his personality gave him that edge that instilled so much fear in Gotham’s criminals, but Bruce Wayne’s obsessive personality overcame him on many occasions and led to some rather controversial and dark moments in his comic book history.

10 He came very close to killing Alfred

Batman Batwoman and Alfred Two illustrated panels

Alfred has been the most stable person in Bruce Wayne’s life since he was a child and his parents were murdered. Alfred was by his side on many occasions, helped him in his adventure of being Batman and was a great person for the Wayne family. But, as fans know, when Batman is pushed to the limit, there is no going back.

On Batman who laughs series, Bruce Wayne was pushed to the limit and is so full of revenge that when Alfred refuses to give him a new visor made of Nth metal, Bruce actually strangles him so hard that Alfred almost died.

9 The OMAC incident was an absolute disaster

OMAC Michael Costner

Bruce Wayne was always innovating with technology to advance his team and come up with plans to defend Gotham City and the rest of the world if the worst case scenario arose. One of the ideas was an ambitious satellite plan designed to monitor the rest of the Justice League, which grew out of their underlying mistrust of their teammates.

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This satellite system, however, ended up becoming an extremely evil invention of the OMACs, who are half human / half robot with the sole mission of hunting down and killing members of the Justice League. The satellite ended up killing so many innocent people and had to be shot down in Infinite Crisis.

8 Left the KGBeast to die in a sewer

KGBeast Nightwing

Batman has been the target of many murders throughout his life, but one that stands out for being incredibly cruel and evil was the death of KGBeast. KGBeast was an assassin sent to kill many targets in Gotham, including Ronald Reagan when he was President of the United States of America. The Beast was a force to be reckoned with, and he even cut off his hand to escape Batman.

Seeing that Batman was unable to defeat him during hand-to-hand combat, his master plan locked him in a sewer that had no outlet, leaving him starving, alone and in the dark.

7 Batman’s treatment of Stephanie Brown was terrible

Stephanie Brown, aka Spoiler, was treated terribly by Batman from the first day fans met her. First of all, Batman refused to let Tim Drake tell Stephanie his real name, and they could only date his aliases. Then after Tim had to resign after his father found out his identity, Stephanie replaced him as the new one. Robin, only to be fired for a mistake.

The story then gets completely confusing, after Stephanie is supposedly killed by Black Mask when it turns out Batman didn’t tell Tim about her death, which was actually a fake death, which he didn’t tell her either. Too far Batman, too far.

6 His choice for his replacement was terrible

Azrael Batman DC Comics

One of the most epic moments of the Dark Knight Trilogy is the scene where Bane destroys Batman in battle and breaks his back. In the comics, this was the Knights fall history and actually led him to choose a successor instead of working for weeks in prison until his back healed. Choosing a successor is always a big decision and Bruce should have stepped back and thought about it some more.

Not only did he not choose Dick Grayson, whom everyone expected, but he also decided to choose Jean-Paul Valley, aka Azrael, who was a programmed assassin in the past. This decision backfired horribly when Azrael returned to his violent ways, leaving Batman without the support and trust of the police, the public, and even Alfred.

5 Dick Grayson had a hard time for Batman

The first Robin, Dick Grayson, was much more than just Batman’s sidekick, he was almost like an adopted son. Since he was like a son to Bruce, fans would have thought that Bruce would take care of him with everything he had, and maybe he thought he was doing that, but Batman’s idea of ​​being a father involved a lot of tough love, where he got out of hand. many times.

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In one case, after Batman found out that Robin was part of the Teen Titans team, where he fought alongside other young heroes, Batman felt so betrayed that he fired him and removed Robin’s title on the spot. Another moment saw Bruce lock Dick in the Batcave with no food, other than the rats, of course.

4 Dating Lois Lane is a big no from fans

Clark Kent’s cornerstone for most of his life has been Lois Lane, and their relationship remains one of the most important love stories in the entire DC universe, so it’s hard to imagine her with anyone other than the Man of Steel. In fact, if she were with someone else, it surely wouldn’t be with one of Superman’s most trusted allies and friends.

Apparently he’s not too far from Batman’s point of view to make a move on his friend’s wife. On Lois Lane # 89, Bruce tells Lois of his lasting feelings for her, and after Clark and Lois break up, the two get together, get married, and have a baby. Fortunately, this is all made up, but they still came out for a while.

3 You should never ignore a friend’s call for help

cover detail of blue beetle # 1

Remember the OMAC project mentioned earlier? Well, Blue Beetle really did find out about this mysterious project before she realized its true impact, and she even told her fellow superheroes to see if they could stop it. Of course, the rest of the Justice League sees Blue Beetle as irrelevant, and everyone chooses to ignore his warning, especially Bruce, who was also responsible for creating the entire project anyway.

This didn’t stop Blue Beetle from doing his best to understand him and prevent him from causing any harm, but when the true purpose and all the half-human / half-robot were released, he was alone and was tragically killed by all of them. on your own.

two His secret Justice League protocols were under him

It’s no secret that superheroes are extremely powerful and have the potential to be dangerous, but if they’re your teammates, trust is always extremely important, and this personality trait was something Batman didn’t have. So to deal with this fear that one day any of his teammates might turn against him, Bruce had plans for how to defeat every member of the Justice League.

He, of course, kept all of this a secret, but when Ra’s al Ghul found out about his plans, the Justice League was ripped apart. Superman was powerless due to some red kryptonite, Flash was subjected to multiple seizures, Wonder Woman was caught in virtual reality, and Green Lantern was blinded, among many others.

1 Giving someone a fate worse than death is the ultimate sign of cruelty

Batman Lord Death Man Robin

Batman is known for following the moral code of not killing anyone unless absolutely necessary, and while he repeatedly breaks his own rule, the code becomes irrelevant when the opposition cannot die. The man who could return from the dead, Death Man, was a great threat as he was literally immortal.

After becoming Lord Death Man, and while on his crusade to kill heroes in Japan, Batman realized that he could not kill him, so he thought the only way to stop him was to send him to his death, where he would be consumed without food. . no water, but he would remain alive, empty and alone for the rest of his life.

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