10 Isekai anime with the most unique concepts, ranked

With the genre being more popular than ever, there has been a huge wave of isekai anime in recent years. Although someone is sent to another world in all of them, each series tries to stand out in a unique way.

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They do this by giving the character an unconventional background, changing the type of world the character is sent to, or they give the protagonist some kind of special power that cannot be found anywhere else. With so many isekai stories in existence, it’s only natural that some series will attempt to challenge at least one of the many classic isekai tropes that are present in the genre.

10 That time I was reincarnated as a slime: the protagonist is reborn as a powerful slime

That time I got reincarnated as a slime

Satoru Mikami is an individual who is satisfied with his average lifestyle, but dies in an accident and is transported to another world as an incredibly powerful slime. He gains the abilities of everything he consumes, helping him get stronger.

With his newfound strength and compassionate nature, he helps many of the monsters in the Great Jura Forest, thereby gaining their trust. Although there are many isekai in which the characters are reborn as more than human, it was the first anime that the protagonist became a slime.

9 Re: Zero – Starting life in another world: Subaru is able to cheat death

Subaru Natsuki In Re Zero

Subaru Natsuki is a NEET who is sent to another world. He meets and befriends an elf named Emilia, one of the candidates for the next ruler of the Kingdom. He quickly discovers that he is sent back to a certain point in time each time he dies.

Subaru does not have any abilities that allow him to defeat his enemies in an instant. Rather, he has to harness his time travel ability to outwit his enemies and gently guide the people around him to act in a certain way in order to avoid catastrophic events.

8 The Rising Of The Shield Hero: Naofumi is hated by those who summoned him

Naofumi Iwatani is summoned as one of the four heroes. The story has two surprising elements from the beginning: not only is he the only hero who is unfamiliar with the environment of the world, but the citizens of the kingdom seem to hate him because he is the shield hero.

He is framed for a crime he did not commit, which leads him to become a bitter and closed individual who has to work alone. He eventually gains companions who teach him to trust again, but the beginning of his journey was tougher than most.

7 No Game No Life: every problem is solved by playing a game

Shiro and Sora are brothers known for being undefeated players. After winning a game against a god from another world, they are invited and sent to another world. In this world, there are laws that prevent violence.

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People solve their problems by playing games, which often favor the smartest. Even political problems are solved through games. The brothers aim to conquer all the kingdoms of the world so that they have the opportunity to play against the god of the world again.

6 The Saga of Tanya The Evil: Tanya makes war on a god-like entity

Tanya looks over the battlefield.

In the midst of being killed by a man who the protagonist heartlessly fired, he is faced with something claiming to be God. Unimpressed, he approaches it as “Being X” instead. Being X sends him to another world in the hope that being in a desperate situation will make him turn to him for help.

The protagonist is reborn as Tanya Degurechaff and, determined not to depend on Ser X for salvation, works hard to pave a safe and comfortable life for herself.

5 Cautious Hero – The hero is overpowered but overly cautious – Seiya makes sure he survives whatever happens

Despite his ridiculously high stats, the hero Seiya Ryuguin is the type of hero who likes to over-prepare. When summoned by the goddess Ristarte, he refuses to set foot in the other world until he does a great deal of training first.

He doesn’t trust anything, and even uses his most powerful attacks against weaker enemies even though it’s over the top. His actions make sense, as no one wants to die in an attempt to save another world.

4 Do you love your mom and her dual target attacks? Masato is not dominated, his mom is

Do you love your mother and her multi-target attacks, mamako oosuki?

Although Masato Oosuki is initially excited to go to another world, his anticipation dies down the moment he realizes that his overly caring mother is there with him. He still tries to enjoy the fantasy of wielding the power of another world.

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Sadly, his mother and his two swords are so powerful that there is really no need for him to do anything. Finally, it is revealed that the world was created in the hope that parents and children can strengthen their bonds.

3 Digimon Adventure: children are sent to a world full of digital monsters

Digimon Adventure cover

Seven children are transported to the digital world, which is inhabited by a large number of digital monsters or Digimon. They discover that they each have a Digimon partner, and with the power of the Digivices they found in the human world, they can temporarily evolve their Digimon partner into stronger forms.

Not all Digimon are good, so kids have to find a way to fight their enemies and take care of themselves and their Digimon.

two Kemono Michi: Rise Up: An animal-loving fighter is sent to another world

Cover art by Kemono Michi

In his original world, Genzo Shibata is known as the professional wrestler, Animal Mask. She adores animals to the point where her dream is to open a pet store.

He is summoned to a different world, where the princess asks him to kill the beasts, and as an animal lover, this infuriates him and he naturally refuses. Instead, his new goal is to meet as many animals in this world as possible, getting excited with each new find.

1 Inuyasha: a high school girl is sent to the past

Anime InuYasha The Final Act Inuyasha Kagome Peaceful

By traveling through the Well of the Bone Eater, Kagome Higurashi can go back in time to the feudal era. Surprisingly, Japan was filled with countless demons in the past.

She meets a half demon named Inuyasha, who travels with her after she breaks a jewel capable of turning him into a full-blown demon. Their goal is to collect the pieces of the Shikon jewel, as they attempt to stay alive in a dangerous but unique interpretation of the past.

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