10 times Naruto acted his age (and suffered for it)

The star of the Naruto The franchise is Naruto Uzumaki himself, who is no ordinary action hero. He is a fully trained shinobi, and also at the age of twelve. In this universe, ninjas start their careers early, and God knows 12-year-old boys and girls don’t always act together. No one proves this more than Naruto himself.

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In his defense, Naruto has many burdens, such as the stigma of containing the nine-tailed fox and being an orphan (and the Third Hokage only did so much to help). Still, there is no denying Naruto’s age, and due to his youth and circumstances, he constantly behaves, making it easy to remember that he is actually just a boy after all said and done. This is mostly true at the beginning of the series when Naruto was young and had a lot to prove.

10 When Naruto smashed the Hokage monument

Naruto Uzumaki Joke

Much of Naruto’s early misbehavior can be attributed to both his age and his plight of being widely ignored or feared as a jinchuruki. The first time Naruto appeared, he was running away from the Hokage’s monument after defacing it with paint.

Iruka Umino, a teacher at the academy, caught Naruto and dragged him back to the academy for class, and after that, Naruto had to spend the entire afternoon washing the paint. He couldn’t get away with it forever, after all.

9 When Naruto stole a forbidden scroll

Once again, Naruto’s age and circumstances led him to make a dubious decision, and things almost turned out very badly for him. Naruto was unable to graduate from the academy, so the scheming Mizuki took advantage of that and urged Naruto to steal a forbidden shadow clone scroll.

Mizuki wanted it for himself, and Naruto fled in terror as Mizuki chased after him. Naruto felt terrible when Iruka received a fatal blow to protect him, but at the last minute, Naruto turned things around with his first use of the shadow clone jutsu and defeated Mizuki (and became a true ninja). Still, Naruto faced the guilt of making a mess of things, all because he was a gullible and impulsive kid. Children do not usually show restraint.

8 When Naruto drank some ice cold milk

Naruto lived alone in an apartment, and that meant he had to take care of himself. For the most part, Naruto made it through, but he was a bit careless with grocery shopping. On his first day as a ninja, Naruto drank some spoiled milk with breakfast, unaware of its bad taste.

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Later that day, Naruto used the transformation jutsu to mimic his teammate, Sasuke Uchiha, and try to woo Sakura Haruno. At the last moment, a horrible stomach ache interrupted things, all because Naruto couldn’t be bothered to keep his food fresh.

7 When Naruto entered a girl’s locker room after transforming

Naruto’s infamous sexy jutsu is a surprisingly effective prank technique, and early in the series, Naruto taught it to his new friend and rival, Konohamaru. Then, after both boys were transformed into girls, they went straight into the girls’ locker room to test the effectiveness of this jutsu.

Naruto was not as skilled as he expected. All the girls there recognized him at once, and they kicked him and Konohamaru hard right away, with both boys covered in bruises and pains.

6 When Naruto fell for Kakashi’s teasing

When Team 7 was formed, Kakashi Hatake launched the bell test, and unfortunately, all three genin ended up attacking him one at a time. Naruto went first, and charged straight when Kakashi taunted him for scoring last among the academy graduates.

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Naruto didn’t stand a chance, and his impulsive and bratty demeanor put him in a terrible position. Kakashi got behind him and used the secret technique, A Thousand Years of Death, on the unsuspecting Naruto Uzumaki. If only Naruto wasn’t an impulsive kid with everything to prove. Then he wouldn’t be fooled by those taunts.

5 When Naruto impulsively jumped into Haku’s Jutsu

3 The arc of the wave Naruto sasuke vs haku

In this particular battle, Naruto’s hotheaded personality and bratty, impulsive streak erupted, proving that he is a reckless child after all. Naruto is too determined to prove that he is an invincible hero, and that’s something only a kid like him would think of.

In the battle against Haku’s kekkei genkai, Naruto didn’t bother trying to coordinate with Sasuke, who was trapped in the ice crystal mirror array. Naruto walked in without thinking and endured the apparent loss of his squadmate. Sasuke survived, but for a time, it seemed that he had died, and Naruto was overwhelmed with pain and rage. It is not a good feeling.

4 When Naruto made fun of everyone in the Chunin exams

genin from chunin exms naruto

When the Chunin Exam arc began, dozens of foreign ninjas had already arrived at Hidden Leaf Village, and Naruto came face to face with Team 8, Team 10, and others. In a crowded room, Naruto trembled not with fear or rage, but with excitement. Then he opened that big mouth of his.

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Here again, Naruto is an impulsive boy who yearns to prove himself, and only a young man like him would loudly declare his name and declare his intention to defeat. everyone present. He became a huge target this way, and Sakura rightly cared about him. Naruto felt pretty silly after that.

3 When Naruto got separated from Jiraiya with Itachi’s sexy Genjutsu

In the next main story arc, Naruto and his new teacher, the toad sage Jiraiya, were exploring a peaceful city to practice Rasengan when Akatsuki’s Itachi Uchiha focused on them. Knowing the personalities of these characters, Itachi used genjutsu to separate Naruto and Jiraiya with attractive genjutsu.

Both Naruto and Jiraiya were duped at the same time, due to Jiriaya being a famous rake and Naruto being a spoiled and impulsive kid who doesn’t think about anything until it’s too late. Sure enough, Itachi’s genjutsu separated Naruto from his master, and Naruto was about to be captured. It was a terrifying experience.

two When Naruto lost focus during Rasengan practice

Annoyed Naruto

While searching for the rebellious Tsunade, Jiraiya taught Naruto how to perform Rasengan, practicing with water balloons and then air-filled balls. Naruto tried his best, but this training was tough and tedious, which will not appeal to a child of Naruto’s age and temperament.

Naruto barely trusted Jiraiya as a teacher and kept losing patience with outbursts of bad temper. At one point, Naruto kept imagining Jiraiya’s goofy face and lost it completely. Her training kept derailing, all because her young mind refused to focus and stay cool.

1 When Naruto begged the Raikage to forgive Sasuke

During the events of Naruto shippudenNaruto Uzumaki acted a bit more mature than before, but he was still an impulsive teenager, and it didn’t take long for him to lose his composure. At one point, Naruto’s squad encountered the Raikge and Naruto spoke.

At the time, Sasuke was a wanted international criminal, and Naruto made an emotional call to the Raikage. He grew increasingly desperate, unable to think of a better argument, and the Raikge scoffed and moved on. Naruto wasn’t stupid, but then again, he was still young and he wasn’t sure how to handle situations like these. Naruto was left shattered until he finally recovered and moved on. He must have felt pretty bad about all that.

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