90 Day Boyfriend: How Stephanie Matto Is Living The IG Influencer Dream

90 Day Boyfriend: Before 90 days, star Stephanie Matto is a popular YouTuber, content creator and author, which has led to her financial success.

Some may say that Stephanie Matto is a spoiled rich girl, but the 90 day fiancé: before 90 days Star certainly knows how to use her social media to spread the message of being a boss. Be a YouTube star long before her 90 day fiancé The season was a bonus for Stephanie, who was one half of the TLC show’s first same-sex couple with her ex Erika Owens. The previous popularity also caused many viewers to debate whether Stephanie was using reality television to gain more fame. Since leaving the show, Stephanie has been successful as an Instagram influencer, making fans even more confident that this is what she was looking for all along.

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At 29, Stephanie appeared on 90 day fiancé to explore his first serious female relationship with Australian photographer Erika, whom he met on social media. Stephanie, also known as Stepanka on YouTube, already had more than 350,000 followers when she began speaking to Erika via direct messages from Instagram and Snapchat. Although both stars were seeing men back then, the breakups led to their romance heating up. But Erika and Stephanie met a volatile ending in 90 day fiancé. Since then, Erika has become a social media star in her own right, thanks to her rainbow aesthetic and funky fashion. But what about Stephanie, who was accused of faking her sexuality to attract more followers?

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First 90 day fiancé star Stephanie matto She hasn’t been silent on how lucrative her work as a social media content creator has been. In addition to documenting her struggles with aplastic anemia, which bruises her even with a gentle touch to the skin, Stephanie has also become a published author and opened up about her past. Originally from the Czech Republic, Stephanie revealed how moving to New York at seven made her feel like an outcast. It was making videos that helped the 90 day fiancé personality to stop “feeling so alone. ” Writing the book helped Stephanie get over her scarring experience as a stripper at age 24.

But in 2020, Stephanie embraced a new career move as a content creator for a newer platform, once she even called herself the “Martha Stewart by OnlyFans. “In August 2020, the 90 day fiancé star flaunted his earnings after 14 days, which were around $ 33K, while also showing off his new Connecticut home and the Porsche he recently bought. On Instagram, her more than 257,000 fans saw Stephanie calling a new place in Manhattan her “den“And stating that it marked”A new age“in her life. The TLC star now wants to buy another house in Prague with all her hard-earned money online. When it’s not her sexy posts that attract Stephanie, it’s her unboxing videos or question sessions and answers what Stephanie’s fans are looking forward to.

After releasing your first book, Bad boys and memories, the 90 day fiancé Personality also confessed to working on a revealing new book for three years. While Stephanie’s life may seem like an open book, it seems like there are many more layers to peel off. Stephanie is calling her second novel Empty blood for now. As mysterious as it sounds, you can also see the 90 day fiancé Star reveals some juicy secrets to Instagram success.

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