90 Day Boyfriend Season 8 Tell It All: Everything We Learned About Yara and Jovi

Yara Zaya emerged as the Tell-All hero from season eight. However, the 90-day fiancé star learned some disturbing news about her husband, Jovi Dufren.

During the 90 day fiancé season eight Tell everyone, Yara Zaya left as a hero of the franchise despite receiving disturbing news about Jovi Dufren. Not only did Yara show progress in her relationship with the Louisiana native, but she won over many fans with her caring mindset. Although fans initially thought Yara was a high-maintenance ice queen, the blonde beauty quickly became a fan favorite. The recent Tell everyone cemented Yara’s status as a 90 day fiancé icon and revealed more information about the couple’s relationship and venturing into parenthood, as well as some nasty secrets.

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Yara and Jovi dealt with many ups and downs during season eight. Yara had to overcome her dislike of New Orleans, which did not meet her glamorous standard of living. Meanwhile, there have been ongoing problems regarding party customs and Jovi’s attitude towards alcohol. Many fights have occurred due to his love for the strip club. To further complicate matters, Yara found out that she was pregnant while in Louisiana on her K-1 fiancé visa. After the couple dealt with several cases of coldness, they decided to make things official and tie the knot in a wedding ceremony in Las Vegas. Jovi and Yara starred in a post-finale special in which the new parents welcomed baby Mylah into the world.

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Many viewers were expecting drama on Sunday night. Tell everyone, but they walked away pleasantly surprised by Yara’s victory. The blonde beauty won the show defending plastic surgery practices to her friend Julia Trubkina. While Julia stated that she was personally against plastic surgery and believed that people should exercise and not exercise. “lazy“If they wanted to change, Yara defended the right of any woman to correct a part of her body that she is not happy with. The 25-year-old mother admitted that she underwent a nose job after months of denying plastic surgery. Yara He said his old nose was like a “Dad“and supports any changes that women should make to feel more confident about their appearance. This message was well received by viewers, who sided with Yara in the discussion.

Meanwhile, more information was revealed about the adventure of the fan-favorite couple, Yara and Jovi, in parenting with their seven-month-old daughter, Mylah. The couple talked about becoming parents, and Yara praised the way Jovi immediately bonded with their baby. She added that seeing Jovi bond with Mylah has strengthened her love for her husband. Yara revealed that her biggest problem during the past season was that her mother was unable to attend her wedding and that she has yet to meet Mylah. While Yara was initially excited about Jovi’s apparent maturity that has accompanied her becoming a father, things unfortunately turned sour when new images were passed on to the couple.

Footage of Jovi receiving a personal dance at the strip club left the blonde beauty in tears as she furiously confronted her husband. Jovi swore she only had one dance at the club. However, the images of 90 days naked all confirmed that Jovi failed the lie detector test when asked if he had slept with a stripper before. The moment caught Yara completely off guard and changed her attitude, especially since the dancer at the strip club was topless during the dance with Jovi. “I don’t think he’s respectful to me like your wife“Yara expressed angrily. However, she said she couldn’t tell her husband what to do since he is an adult. Although Jovi said that she would not like Yara to behave the way she did, he tried to downplay it. to the situation.

Overall, the first half of the eighth season Tell everyone it was difficult for Jovi and Yara’s relationship. Although they thrive as parents, Jovi has shown that he still has a long way to go. However, Yara is making waves as a fan favorite in the franchise. Many viewers have sided with the blonde beauty and are excited to see her journey with Jovi continue. 90 Day Boyfriend: Happily Ever After? The spinoff show will tell more of Jovi and Yara’s lives as parents, as well as the Louisiana native’s attempts to grow up for Yara and Mylah.

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