90 Day Fiancé: Clues Mike Cheated On Natalie The Night Before The Wedding

Mike Youngquist disappeared for hours the night before his wedding to Natalie Mordovtseva. Could the season eight star of the 90 Day Fiancé have cheated?

One of the most shocking moments of the first part of 90 day fiancé season eight Tell everyone Natalie Mordovtseva suggested that her husband Mike Youngquist cheated on her the night before their wedding. The TLC couple left their co-stars in awe when they separately entered the Tell everyone place. During the interview with host Shaun Robinson, more secrets came to light about why Mike left Natalie on their wedding day. However, Natalie provided food for the gossip factories by hinting that Mike cheated on her during his apparent “single party.Here’s why fans think she’s right.

Troubled couple Mike and Natalie first worried their peers 90 day fiancé cast members by not coming to the Tell everyone together. As more icy vibes were exchanged between the pair, Mike clearly stated how he felt like a “piece of shit“For canceling the wedding on the morning of the ceremony. The 90 day fiancé star apologized profusely to an excited Natalie for being under “A lot of pressure, “Feeling lost, scared and”overthinking things. “Mike, a resident of Sequim, mentioned that he went down to the river and left for”five or six hours “ during which Natalie, in a panic, asked Uncle Beau and Tamara about his whereabouts, as his phone could not be located.

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But Natalie later asked Mike: “WAre you with someone? “Based on Tamara saying she could have gone to have a last minute bachelor party. Mike surprised his co-stars by revealing:”Natalie thought I went and cheated on her, ”And, interestingly, some TLC viewers agreed. After Natalie’s new accusation of infidelity against her 90 day fiancé husband, Twitter saw fans asking why she married him despite knowing he was a cheater. A tweet from @ 2ndReaction read, “Hearing that he was gone 5-6 hours, I thought Mike cheated too!” Another fan @ChefGibson, he intervened saying, “Mike cheated with his hair clipper! remember that she asked him out !!“Mike’s disloyalty is also about to be the hallmark of the 90 Day Fiancé – Happily Ever After? stint, that, like Y explain, you will see Natalie worried “that is not really committed. “

This incident was not the first time Natalie accused Mike of cheating, especially since a similar incident occurred in season seven. Tell everyone. Natalie’s explosive accusation that Mike slept with his best friend the night before their wedding was also the subject of a fight in season eight. According to Natalie, Mike initially told her that Sarah’s future husband would also be staying in the house. But according to him, the plans changed. Natalie called him the morning of the event and he took the phone from the couch: “half naked and stoned,“With Sarah saying”I go to the shower” in the background.

Is when 90 day fiancé star Natalie concluded Mike “I spent the night with this lady.“But the eighth season also saw Mike saying that Sarah was more like his sister since he had met her.”for years and years. “But recently, viewers found more evidence of Mike’s apparent infidelity when a screenshot of a conversation between him and a 90 day fiancé fan was revealed. The incident reportedly took place in December 2020, and Mike also allegedly sent the unidentified woman a nude selfie on her Snapchat.

This is not the last time either 90 day fiancé season eight addresses the topic of Mike cheating on Natalie. A preview of the second part of the Tell everyone Does Shaun introduce the audience to the “Close friendSarah for the first time. Shaun asks Sarah if anything romantic happened between her and Mike that night, while the rest of the cast watched. While Sarah may or may not answer yes, fans feel that Natalie should have left Mike when she got the chance, but it may have been the green card that had the chance. 90 day fiancé star again.

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