Comedian Adam Sandler has sent professional golfer and Happy Gilmore caddy Will Zalatoris his best wishes for the Masters Tournament.

Adam Sandler is rooting for a pro golfer in the Masters Tournament who looks a lot like the young caddy from Sandler’s 1996 comedy: Happy gilmore. The hit movie marked Sandler’s first releaseSNL appearance on the big screen and helped usher in a career that continues to divide and entertain audiences of all ages.

Possibly Sandler’s best comedy, Happy gilmore he followed a very nervous aspiring hockey player, Happy (Sandler), who inadvertently discovers his natural ability to golf. When his grandmother is evicted from her home after failing to pay her taxes, Happy uses her new golf skills to earn her way to the PGA Tour. Her plan is to earn enough money to get her grandmother’s house back, but that’s easier said than done. With his lazier personality and a somewhat crude concept of sportsmanship, Happy makes for a highly entertaining and unexpected competitor. Everything in his quest to win big at the Tour Championship is unorthodox, from his golf swing to his coach to his caddy. Regardless of the challenges Happy faced, however, ultimately, the film’s feel-good appeal wins out.

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It may have been 25 years since Sandler last took on his Happy Gilmore persona, but he recently reverted to his character, if only for the purpose of tweeting. While 24-year-old professional golfer Will Zalatoris competed in this year’s Masters Tournament, his striking resemblance to Happy Gilmore’s caddy has not gone unnoticed by Sandler. In a short but sweet Tweet from his official Twitter account, Sandler featured a photo of Zalatoris alongside a photo of Gilmore’s caddy with the caption “Have fun today young man. Mr. Gilmore is looking at it and he’s very proud. “ The full Tweet can be seen below:

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For his part, Zalatoris seems more than willing to follow the joke, even though he wasn’t born yet when Happy gilmore he was enjoying his release for the first time. But aside from Sandler’s good wishes, Zalatoris has been keenly aware of the link between him and the fictional Gilmore. With “Mr. Gilmore, I am your cart” stamped on his wedge, the young pro could end up becoming the first Green Jacket winner to have found a secondary level of fame simply by looking like a character from an Adam Sandler movie. Still, even if Zalatoris doesn’t win The Masters, perhaps his resemblance to Gilmore’s caddy could come in handy if Sandler ever does a Happy Gilmore 2.

The idea of ​​a sequel to Happy gilmore It’s a very attractive prospect for many Sandler fans. More recently, the possibility became a bit more legitimate, and Sandler admitted that while there have been no Happy Gilmore 2 discussions on the subject, you still keep your options open. To date, Sandler hasn’t delivered a sequel to any of his earliest and biggest movies, which is surprising given how popular nostalgic sequels are lately. In any case, Zalatoris has unwittingly rekindled some interest in Happy gilmoreSo hopefully the next step is a sequel, with a Zalatoris cameo as Gilmore’s caddy, of course.

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