Alien 3’s “The Dragon” is the series’ deadliest xenomorph

Alien 3’s unique Xenomorph kills more characters than anyone else in the entire franchise, but why did the movie need this murderous villain?

Nicknamed “The Dragon”, the titular threat of Alien 3 It’s by far the deadliest Xenomorph in the entire franchise, and there’s a significant reason for that. Released in 1979, Helmer Ridley Scott’s sci-fi horror classic. Alien It was a tense and terrifying tale of a spaceship besieged by an alien stowaway that emerged from the chest of one of them and began taking out the crew members one by one. Starring Yaphet Kotto, John Hurt, and Sigourney Weaver, the original was a brutally effective small-scale slice of claustrophobic horror.

Alien made sure every one of his gruesome deaths counted, while the action-heavy sequel, 1986 Aliens, dramatically increased both the number of xenomorphs and the casualties they accumulated in a showdown between well-armed marines and an entire hive of toothy beasts. The third entry Alien 3 He struggled to set a tone, with the film going through countless revisions and rewrites during its production. Some writers wanted to go back to the low brutality of the first film, while others wanted a more immersive and ambitious vision in keeping with Cameron’s. Aliens.

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Eventually the end Alien 3has featured a compromise in the form of the film’s main villain, a lonely Xenomorph nicknamed “The Dragon.” Alien 3The main antagonist might be a single Xenomorph, but to make up for its loner status, it was an especially brutal beast. In the theatrical version of Alien 3, his kill count is a whopping fifteen, while at the extended Assembly Cut it’s no less than 17, making him the deadliest single Xenomorph in the entire franchise. For a frame of reference, the original Alien He only managed to kill five characters in the movie.

Sigourney Weaver in Alien 3

Of course, many fans still didn’t care Alien 3The return to the bleak atmosphere of the original after the most explosive antics of Aliens. The early deaths of Newt and Bishop, for example, put off many viewers Alien 3, as the movie made it clear from the start that no one was safe, but it also left a sense that there were few characters worth supporting. The Dragon’s lethality proves that Alien 3 It was a movie caught between a rock and a hard place, as returning to a lone Xenomorph villain after the series had killed dozens of them in the previous sequel felt like a less impressive threat, while trying to increase the number of Xenomorphs. again it would have simply amounted to imitating Aliens.

Ultimately, creating a super powerful Xenomorph was an effective way to reintroduce the titular monster as a terrifying threat after Aliens reduced them to cannon fodder. However, one great villain alone was not enough to save Alien 3 of critics who complained that the film featured a lack of identifiable characters and a relentlessly depressing tone. In recent years, however, some fans have begun to reconsider Alien 3‘s It’s been the black sheep of the series, and the Dragon’s impressive kill count certainly ensures that the sequel moves at a pace and features some memorably unpleasant kills.

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