Apex Legends: An Original Legend Is Getting HUGE Debuff In Season 9

Lifeline has proven to be an invaluable member of many winning Apex Legends teams. Too many, in fact, that you’re losing a key skill when Season 9 begins.

Like the eighth season of the popular Battle Royale Apex legends The winds are coming to an end, details are starting to leak out on what’s to come in season 9. We have yet to get the marketing caption for the season or a sneak peek for the next Legend, but we’re learning from some changes to come. looming.

One of those changes is coming up for Lifeline, one of the most important characters in the game. Unlike Battle Royales like Fortnite or PUBGLegends have abilities and roles to play in battle. What the only combat medic in the game, Lifeline can make or break a team’s chances of victory. Unfortunately, he seems to be making more than he is breaking, and Respawn will give him massive detriment to his upcoming season as a result.

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It’s hard to remember now but Apex legends was quite revolutionary when it was released in 2019, it offered players the ability to revive fallen teammates and provided each legend with a unique ability, such as Bloodhound’s Eye of the Allfather, that allows them to scan the area for enemies or Pathfinder’s Grappling Line. Those abilities have been modified since the game’s launch based on the character’s pick rate (how often players use them versus the other Legends) and the win rate (how often a Legend is part of a winning team). Eye of the Allfather, for example, has increased its cooldown to reduce how often players can use it in battle, while Pathfinder saw Grappling Line’s cooldown reduced under specific circumstances.

What’s getting weaker for Lifeline is her passive ability, Combat Revive. When a player usually falls into Appendix, a teammate can pick them up, but it’s a dangerous prospect. Both teammates are outdoors during the animation, and canceling the animation in the face of oncoming shots means starting over. Lifeline, however, has its Drone of Compassion, better known as DOC, which can do the heavy lifting. The DOC will drop a shield and begin the resuscitation process, allowing Lifeline to continue moving and defending without hindrance.

As confirmed in a Reddit AMA with AppendixJohn Larson, Live Balance Designer, Lifeline’s Combat Revive will lose its most important aspect: the revive shield. She will still be able to drop DOC to revive her teammates, but the team will no longer have the luxury of a free shield to hide during the revive animation. This means that Lifeline will now have to be vigilant, or else all of her hard work reviving the team will be for naught.

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However, it is not all bad news for Lifeline players. While he may be losing his revive shield, the rest of his abilities are getting significant improvements. For starters, your Tactical DOC Heal Drone will get a speed increase of approximately 60%. In its current state, the Drone heals up to 150 health at a rate of 7.5 health per second and lasts up to 20 seconds. The updated version should be closer to 12 health per second in the same span, meaning that players will be less idle waiting for heals. Lifeline’s coveted Lifeline Care Package will also receive a benefit to the point where it provides players with guaranteed upgrades, although Larson did not elaborate.

As one of Apex legends‘marquee characters, Lifeline is clearly going nowhere. However, these changes show how willing Respawn is to change the way a character works on a fundamental level to improve balance issues with Appendix. It will take some time to determine if the Lifeline updates will help or harm its functioning in team dynamics, but players won’t have to wait much longer as Season 9 is only a few weeks away.

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