Ash’s shirtless and ripped Army of Darkness poster was inspired by Schwarzenegger

Horror icon Bruce Campbell was made to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Conan the Barbarian on an Army of Darkness overseas poster.

Bruce Campbell recently shared how Arnold Schwarzenegger’s shirtless torn appearance in Conan the barbarian influenced an international Army of darkness movie poster.

“Yes, producer Dino De Laurentiis has his hands on that,” Campbell tweeted along with an image of the poster in question. “It’s the foreign poster. I knew Schwarzenegger was selling abroad, so he made me look like Arnold.” The horror icon added: “It’s very silly.”

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Overseas poster was inspired by Arnold Schwarzenegger Conan the barbarian movie poster. The Army of darkness The poster showed Ash shirtless and ripped with his boomstick in one hand and his chainsaw hand on the other arm. Ash’s Schwarzenegger-like physique contrasts with Ash’s non-bodybuilder appearance throughout the world. Evil Dead franchise.

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Originally 1984 Conan the barbarian The movie poster showed a muscular Arnold Schwarzenegger shirtless and holding his Atlantean sword.

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Conan the barbarian was released in 1982, starring Schwarzenegger as Conan. In 1984, the film was followed by a sequel titled Conan the Destroyer. While there were plans for a third film, they never came to be, and no future plans are known for the franchise.

Army of darkness It was Sam Raimi’s third film Evil Dead series, all starring Bruce Campbell as Ash Williams. Campbell reprized his role as Ash in Starz’s for the last time Ash against dead evil series, which ran for three seasons, before its cancellation in 2018.

Due to their long friendship and Campbell’s history of appearing in almost every Sam Raimi-directed movie, there are rumors that Campbell will appear in Raimi’s first Marvel Cinematic Universe movie. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Insanity.

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