Batman Inc. What happened to the global Dark Knight team?

Grant Morrison’s iconic Batman career ended with the formation of Batman Inc., a global network consisting of various Batmen.

Grant Morrison’s career in bat Man saw the reinvention of many old and dark parts of the Batman mythos, such as Mike Barr and Jerry Bingham’s Batman son Bat Man: Child of the devil being reintroduced as Damian Wayne. One of Morrison’s deepest cuts was on Batmen of All Nations, an “International Heroes Club,” all inspired by Batman to become heroes in their home countries. These Batmen would become one of the most important parts of Morrison’s Batman career: Batman Incorporated.

The idea for Batman Inc. came up during The return of Bruce Wayne by Morrison along with Chris Sprouse, Frazer Irving, Yanick Paquette, Georges jeanty, Ryan Sook and Lee Garbett. As he traveled through time on his way back to the present, Bruce saw the impact Batman had throughout history and realized that he was never alone, he always had allies.

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When Batman returned home, he announced (as Bruce Wayne) the formation of Batman Incorporated, an organization that would recruit Batmen from around the world. The first of these Batmen was the Batman and Robin duo of Dick Grayson and Damian Wayne, whom Bruce saw work well together. This also gave Bruce the opportunity to spend his time traveling the world recruiting more members for Batman Incorporated.

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Batman Inc Costume

The first volume of Batman Incorporated The Morrison, Yanick Paquette, and Michel Lacombe series saw Batman recruiting all of these Batmen, starting with Japan’s Batman: Mr Unknown. As the series progressed, the ranks of Batman Inc. grew to include heroes such as El Gaucho, Nightrunner, Man-of-Bats, Knight, and Squire, as well as Gotham’s heroes Batwoman, Batgirl, Red Robin, Huntress, and Batwing, in its first appearance. However, the team was not without its problems, as the English hero Hood and the Australian Batman Wingman were revealed as traitors working for rival factions.

However, the main enemy of Batman Incorporated was Leviathan. On Batman Incorporated: Leviathan Strikes By Morrison, Chris Burnham and Cameron Stewart it was revealed that the leader of the organization was Batman’s ex-lover and Damian Wayne’s mother, Talia Al Ghul. As the series relaunched as part of New 52, ​​Batman Inc.’s efforts were no longer focused on global recruiting, but on bringing down Talia’s international empire.

The relaunched series, from Morrison and Burnham, saw the end of Morrison’s Batman career and the death of Damian Wayne’s Robin at the hands of his clone, Heretic. The last issue of the series, Batman Incorporated # 13, I saw many of the threads that Morrison had established over the years were closed, but what happened to Batman Incorporated after that?

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The final problem begins with Bruce Wayne being investigated by the GCPD for the role he played in the destruction Leviathan caused in Gotham. Mourning his son, he claims that Batman may well be dead and that Bruce seems to regret his efforts to expand Batman’s reach. After Damien and Talia’s bodies are stolen, he takes the cape and hood once more, but Morrison and Burnham hint that Bruce no longer believes in Batman Incorporated and thus closes the organization.

The final pages of Doomsday Clock Geoff Johns and Gary Frank’s issue # 5 can confirm this. Showing profiles of heroes from around the world, the entry for the UK, “Knights Inc.” shows what appears to be the UK’s response to Batman Incorporated. The fact that former Batman Incorporated member Knight is at the helm of Knights Inc. and not part of Batman Incorporated seems to confirm the Dark Knight’s decision to disband the group.

However, there is a future in which Batman Incorporated still operates. Batwing: Futures End # 1 by Justin Gray, Jimmy Palmiotti, Eduardo Pansic and Julio Ferreira shows Luke Fox’s Batwing leading the team in what is described as the “largest sting operation in Batman Incorporated history.” While it may appear that Batwing is the leader of the group, the problem ends when Batman congratulates Batman Inc. via a hologram. Batman Inc. has apparently been disbanded now, but there could still be hope for a future comeback.

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