BioShock 4 Open World Setup Confirmed on Writer Job List

A job posting confirms that Bioshock 4 will be an open world title. The list requires a writer capable of weaving a story in an open world environment.

A recent job posting has confirmed that the next entry in the Bioshock The series will take place in an open world environment. This is one of the biggest news regarding the next title since it was announced at the end of 2019, although developer 2K was clear that the game would not be released until several years after the announcement, the fact that it has already been almost two full years. as the reveal raises the question of when fans will see the updates. This is especially true since the series has been inactive since Bioshock Infinite was released in 2013.

An open world environment seems to be the most natural next step for Bioshock. Although the environments in which games take place have become larger and more detailed, the games themselves have always been among the most linear single-player titles on offer. Having a linear structure is by no means a bad thing, but now may be the time to make a substantial change to the formula. Games like 2018 God of War are an excellent example of how fans can welcome significant changes, and other titles such as The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Y Red Dead Redemption 2 are two of the recent examples of how satisfying an open world adventure can be.

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The job posting itself can be found in the Fog Chamber website, which requires a senior writer “that can weave powerful, character-based stories in an open-world setting.“Cloud Chamber itself is the newest development studio founded by 2K, and Bioshock 4 is set to be your first project. Publishing also requires the senior writer to be proficient in brainstorming primary and secondary mission content, creating the game’s core story, and creating game-related documentation. Essentially, the person occupying this position will supervise Bioshock 4of history, which is an incredibly important function.

Another reason Bioshock 4History will be such a crucial point that it is due to Bioshock InfiniteThe end, which established the existence of a multiverse. Prior to this, it was assumed that previous games in the series took place in the same universe and explored events that happened as part of a continuous timeline. The existence of a multiverse, as Elizabeth explained it, means that all games could theoretically take place at the same time. Should Bioshock 4 If you choose to expand this, your open world environment may include these other universes. The possibilities that arise from this are essentially endless.

This is the longest that Bioshock Fans have ever had to leave without a new series release. Prior to Bioshock 4Each game has been released within three years of its predecessor. However, creating an open-world game is much more complicated than creating a linear one, and it doesn’t seem like Cloud Chamber has been working on it for very long. However, now that the company is hiring a senior writer, it can be assumed that the game is starting to take shape. If everything goes fine, Bioshock 4 updates should start to become more frequent in the near future.

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