Darkseid rejected the Infinity Stones due to his only weakness

In a crossover of Marvel and DC Comics, Darkseid wielded the Infinity Gauntlet but ultimately rejected it and the Infinity Stones.

DC’s most feared villain Darkseid Wielding Marvel’s Infinity Stones is usually something comic book fans can only dream of, but a story from the early 2000s really made it possible, and the timing was very anti-climatic. In the Avengers / JLA crossover, Darkseid ended up with the Infinity Gauntlet but eventually dumped it and the Infinity Stones aside due to their only weakness – they don’t work in the DC Universe … at all.

Avengers / JLA it was the last official crossover from Marvel Comics and DC Comics. The story was extremely ambitious as it brought together the most powerful heroes (and villains) from both universes as they battled each other to save their respective realities. The series saw some incredible moments on the page, including Superman wielding Mjolnir and a host of heroes like Thor, Captain America, and Iron Man, battling characters like Batman, Wonder Woman, and Green Lantern. Ultimately, both Marvel and DC Universe heroes were tasked with finding twelve powerful elements that were scattered across each other’s realities, without the winner’s universe being destroyed (spoiler alert: neither of them were) .

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On Avengers / JLA # 2 by Kurt Busiek, George Perez, Tom Smith, and Comicraft, a handful of Marvel and DC heroes meet on Apokolips and are greeted by a Darkseid with the Infinity Gauntlet. Hawkeye notes that he looks “worse than Thanos” and could rearrange time, reality, and space at will. As the heroes wonder how they are going to defeat Darkseid, he tells them that while he senses the “power matrices” within the Infinity Stones, they do nothing for him.

Infinity Gauntlet Darkseid

In a shocking scene, Darkseid removes the Infinity Gauntlet, which has the six Infinity Stones attached, and throws it at the heroes, calling the item “a waste of time.” Quicksilver quickly catches the gauntlet before it can fall into the fierce pits of Apokolips, and when Thanos is about to attack, the heroes teleport to Marvel’s Savage Land just in time.

Darkseid did indeed use the Infinity Gauntlet in the DC Universe, but it might as well have been an oven mitt because it didn’t come with the powers it would have if he had it in Marvel reality. Both Marvel and DC heroes on the planet of the New Gods were lucky that it had no effect; otherwise, Darkseid would have the powers of the Infinity Stone and his own abilities, such as his Omega Rays. It would have been game over for the rest of the DC Universe, and that’s without even taking into account whether it finally acquired the Anti-Life Equation. Still to see Darkseid Throw the Infinity Stones like they’re nothing for quite a shocking moment.

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