DCEU: Ben Affleck’s 10 Best Batman Moments (So Far)

Although Superman came first and revolutionized the concept of a comic book superhero forever, it was Batman who would become DC’s model. Even the name DC stands for Detective Comics, which is where Batman originated in 1939. So, over the years, it’s only natural that many versions of Batman have made their way to the big screen.

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One of them was Ben Affleck, the respective Batman from the DC Extended Universe. Surprisingly, Affleck currently holds the record for the longest cinematic permanence for an actor who plays Batman. He has appeared in four movies and has had many moments that show why he is another great Batman.

10 Wayne Meets Kent – Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

Bruce Wayne Meeting Clark Kent - Batman V Superman Dawn Of Justice

It is the first time that Batman and Superman meet on the same screen. Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne attends a party at Lex Luthor’s house to hack into his servers. It is here that he meets Henry Cavill’s Clark Kent and the two instantly disagree with each other about Batman and Superman.

Affleck’s acting skills are on full display as he switches between characters on a whim, from Bruce Wayne’s charismatic performance for audiences to the true underlying personality. Affleck proves that he can still make his Batman intimidating without donning a suit.

9 It’s Over Deadshot – Suicide Squad

Batman Facing Deadshot - Suicide Squad

When it came to Batman in this movie, most expected him to be simply mentioned or, at best, a cameo in the post-credits scene. However, Batman has a supporting role in Suicide squad through flashbacks. Deadshot’s flashback shows how Batman defeated the killer.

Rather than simply showing Batman leaving Deadshot at the GCPD, audiences got to see Ben Affleck and Will Smith fight. Making Affleck appear for such a small role also creates some connective tissue in the DCEU and establishes more of its myths.

8 Knightmare – Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

Batman’s resistance is betrayed and slaughtered by Superman’s evil Nazi soldiers as Batman fights back. All done in one fluid shot, Batman becomes a one-man army and since this future version has no qualms about it, he brutally kills.

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Despite all that training and preparation, the forces of Apokolips and Superman’s army still overwhelm him. It shows that Batman can do a lot, but he can’t win every battle. The dream then goes from epic to terrifying when Superman arrives to kill the resistance and Batman himself by crushing his heart to death. Injustice.

7 Truth Revealed – Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice

Bruce Wayne debating Alfred - Batman V Superman Dawn Of Justice

Jeremy Irons also plays Alfred when he forces Bruce to confess the truth. Batman wants to use Kryptonite to kill Superman to prevent another wave of destruction as in Iron Man. Alfred clearly sees that rage is blinding Batman, but what makes the scene great is showing how perspective can upset things.

All Batman saw was the danger and destruction that Superman brought. His logical mind combined with anger sees the legitimate concerns of a powerful alien. The tension between Bruce and Alfred is brilliantly expressed and Ben Affleck perfectly portrays just how flawed Batman is.

6 Do you bleed? – Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

Batman looking at Superman - Batman V Superman Dawn Of Justice

Over the course of his tenure, Ben Affleck has yet to say the iconic line “I am Batman.” However, his Batman made a dark and menacing line famous after the first trailer. When the two meet as his superhero egos, Superman threatens Batman to stop his reign of terror in Gotham.

Most people would be scared that an alien who can lift a planet is threatening them. Instead, Batman simply responds with a question: “Tell me … do you bleed?” Superman flies off and Batman ends with a “You will.” Answering the famous question: what is a God for an unbeliever?

5 Faith – Zack Snyder’s Justice League

Batman talking to Alfred at Wayne Lake - Zack Snyder's Justice League

In a line directly opposite to Batman, just as the Justice League leaves to fight Steppenwolf; Bruce Wayne tells Alfred that he knows Superman is coming. Alfred asks how he knows and Batman responds with “Faith, Alfred. Faith”. The best Batman line of the four hour epic.

This is the arc of Batman’s character closing the circle, showing that Superman’s sacrifice changed him. Batman was no longer the heartless machine, but the Guardian of Gotham that he was for so many years before Robin’s death and the Metropolis event.

4 Preparing for War – Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice

Bruce Wayne Training for Battle - Batman V Superman Dawn Of Justice

When it was first announced that Ben Affleck would be playing Batman, fans, as usual, were too quick to criticize him. Many were concerned that Affleck was too out of shape for Batman, but he proved them wrong.

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When Batman obtains the Kryptonite, he begins training for his fight against Superman and creates a new arsenal of weapons to fight the Kryptonians. Ben Affleck shows off his new physique while training in scenes taken straight from Batman’s comic book debut. It shows not only Ben’s love and dedication for Batman, but also Bruce’s wits and physical prowess.

3 Day VS Knight – Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice

Just like everyone was waiting to see Captain America fight Iron Man, everyone was ecstatic at the idea of ​​Batman fighting Superman. Batman in his high-tech armor taken from The Dark Knight Returns in which Ben Affleck was a perfect fit.

As the two fight in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice just once, at least the fight is memorable. There is even a winner with no escape. Seeing two of the greatest superheroes go head to head is a childhood dream, in which both heroes land solid hits on each other. Ben Affleck also delivers several more great lines during the fight.

two Old Enemies, New Friends – Zack Snyder’s Justice League

Batman and Joker in the apocalyptic Knightmare Future

Many agreed that Batman never had a single line of dialogue with Joker in Suicide squad it was a missed opportunity. Zack Snyder gladly rectified this by having Jared Leto return for his epilogue of Zack Snyder’s Justice League. Batman enlists the help of Joker thus creating a truce.

However, the two joke with Leto stealing the show for a few minutes. The two bounced surprisingly well and Affleck offers a threat that helps the film earn an R rating. After this scene, many are hoping the two actors will reunite again in the future.

1 Saving Martha Kent – Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice

Batman Fighting the Forces of KGBeast AKA The Warehouse Scene - Batman V Superman Dawn Of Justice

Of course, the warehouse scene Dawn of Justice was going to be on this list. Whether one likes Affleck’s Batman writing or not, no one can deny that his Batman was the best fighter yet. Watching Batman demolish the entire KGBeast mercenary army was a sight to behold.

The combat, the use of gadgets and the brutality made the scene look and feel like a live action fight from the Batman: Arkham games. Toss a throwback to The Dark Knight Returns and it became the scene that made fans want Affleck to get his own spinoff just to see more scenes like that.

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