DOOM Eternal cosplay combines Doomguy with Isabelle from Animal Crossing

A talented cosplayer has taken a DOOM Eternal costume and merged it with Isabelle from Animal Crossing: New Horizons, bringing the two together.

A creative fan has managed to merge the worlds of Eternal DOOM Y Animal Crossing: New Horizons in a really awesome cosplay. The hyper-realistic costume combines the characters of the demon slaying Doomguy and the lovable puppy office worker Isabelle, two video game characters from two drastically different games.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is the lovable, laid-back Nintendo Switch title that has players inhabiting an island and completing daily tasks. The game is known to be relaxing, becoming a huge hit during the pandemic, as people enjoyed escaping to relaxing play and comforting surroundings. Eternal DOOMOn the other hand, it’s a fast-paced first-person shooter that has players racing through demon-filled levels while creating as much carnage as possible. These two games couldn’t be more different, but the internet has fallen in love with the idea of ​​Doomguy and Isabelle being unlikely friends, leading to some incredible online creations.

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This hybrid cosplay is from a Twitter user. Mads_Five, who made the awesome outfit herself. This 5-foot-2-inch cosplayer has brought out the best elements of both characters, the cuteness and sweetness of Isabelle and the intimidating armor and weapons that Doomguy uses. The cosplayer has an impressive archive of cosplays on her Twitter, but the combination of these two great game worlds is by far the best. The bow adds a lot of character, although the majority of the cosplay is made up of Doomguy’s costume, Isabelle’s aspects really tie the entire outfit together.

The Isabelle and Doomguy showdown has been around for about a year, and the origins of the pairing began with both games released on the same day. The two characters were soon drawn together in the comics, spawning memes and fanart that appeared all over the internet, and people online loved the idea of ​​these two opposites being friends. Doomguy is known for slaying demons, while Isabelle is Tom Nook’s sweet assistant, so the two don’t really have much in common. Id Software has even joined this couple of friends, tweeting on nintendo on Isabelle’s whereabouts in the run-up to the Animal Crossing: New Horizons release date.

If id Software were looking for inspiration for more Eternal DOOM content, then this may just be the answer, that is, if Nintendo is a game. Fans of both games would probably have fun playing as Isabelle with Doomguy’s arsenal and kicking demon butt, preferably for painkillers. Animal Crossing: New Horizons soundtrack.

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Fountain: Mads_Five – Twitter

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