Dragon Encounter and Dungeon Ideas to Extend Travel

Dungeons & Dragons parties can spend a lot of time traveling between towns and cities, but there are plenty of ways to add intrigue along the way.

Traveling is an important part of the adventure in Dungeons and Dragons. Sometimes the plot points are separated by an entire continent, which means that the group could spend a lot of time traveling on dusty and empty roads. While adding combat opportunities here and there can help break the monotony of the required journey, it can be tempting to simply fast-travel to the next location to avoid pointless fights. However, there are many ways to do that traveling in Dungeons and Dragons as exciting as the main plot.

Encounters are not limited to combat opportunities in D&D. As with video game side missions, it can be interesting to introduce smaller subplots that can be fulfilled while traveling. Introducing these encounters into a Dungeons and Dragons The campaign often allows DMs to stretch their creative muscles with homemade content, creating new challenges that reward the party with EXP and rare items designed to be useful when players reach their intended destination.

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Another benefit of slowing travel with random encounters is character development. Especially at the beginning of a new campaign, offering players the opportunity to explore their characters in low-risk situations or situations that are not closely tied to the main plot, can help increase the player’s confidence in playing their roles. D&D character. It also gives players a chance to practice controls, combat, and weapon skills before hitting a more dangerous area. These opportunities can be a headache for DMs, but rewarding for players as they build relationships within the group.

Dragon travel encounters and dungeons for any campaign

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Below is a list of dating ideas that should work for any Dungeons and Dragons Bell. These ideas can be modified to better suit a specific environment, or expanded to create an interesting series of side quests. Each idea is designed to challenge the party’s problem-solving skills while driving communications between the parties.

  • The group comes across an abandoned house by the road. The house can be haunted, inhabited, or completely empty. On the door, in Elvish, is the word “enter”.
  • While traveling at dusk, the group finds the body of an explorer with no obvious injuries and footprints leading to the trees.
  • After failing to find shelter for the night, the group must camp on the side of the road. When they sit by the fire, a bard comes out of the forest and joins them, as if he were a member of the group.
  • While searching for food, a player finds a berry bush. Anyone who eats them can see and interact with a community of fairies that lives in the forest next to the camp.
  • The group finds a tavern on the side of the road that is not indicated on any map.
  • A fork in the road leads to ancient ruins steeped in magic.
  • The group finds a lost boy who does not remember where they belong.
  • A bag is tied to the highest branch of a tree. Inside is a map with a marked location, which is not on the group’s map.
  • A wizard stands by the side of the road, if the group talks to the wizard, they are teleported to a city they have never been to before.
  • The group encounters a couple of travelers desperately trying to fight bandits. After helping them, one is revealed to be a noble from a nearby city.
  • The group finds a camp stocked with a blazing fire, but there appear to be no living creatures in the area.
  • There is a sealed coffin in the middle of the road.
  • A wolf begins to follow the group, but does not seem hostile. When the sun goes down, he becomes a person.

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  • Suddenly, a storm is brewing. When it clears up, the party is in a new location away from the road they were originally traveling on.
  • There are four chickens on the road, but there is no farm in sight.
  • The group passes by a sparkling lake, but in the center of the water, a boat is empty.
  • A horse without a rider charges down the road at the party. He is carrying a saddle, several bags, and a gold bridle.
  • In the middle of the night, the party awakens in their camp to the singing of a woman.
  • A murder of crows blocks the way, but when the group tries to clear them, more appear.
  • While walking down the road, the group finds a letter addressed to one of the group members in the middle of the road.
  • The party comes across a merchant pulling a cart. The merchant’s cart is tightly locked with both magical and physical locks. If he is asked to barter, he will refuse.
  • There is a pile of fresh dirt on the side of the road big enough for a body.
  • A giant sleeps in the middle of the road.
  • The path clears and the group can see a farm off the beaten track, but it is on fire.
  • The party meets a woman on the way who offers a “shortcut” through the trees to the destination of the party. However, he forgets to mention the magical mist that covers the forest.
  • A sign on the side of the road says “Diamond Mine Open,” with an arrow pointing toward the trees.
  • The group finds a wounded warrior on the side of the road. He claims that he comes from a people that does not exist.
  • A basket of ripe fruit sits on the side of the road, but the fruit is a variety not found near the current location.
  • The group meets a merchant on the road who tells them about a nearby small town inhabited only by talking cats.
  • A set of footprints on the side of the road turns into a single pair without warning.
  • A farmer asks the group to help him locate a missing golden ox.
  • A person important to one of the group members appears in a field by the road, but disappears when approached.
  • A troll who owns the bridge that breaks the road demands payment to cross, but only accepts the feathers of a rare bird.
  • A tree by the road makes the noise of a clock.

Of course, it depends on the DMs where these subplots go from here. However, any of these ideas can be a great way to prolong the adventure and break the monotony of traveling in Dungeons and Dragons.

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