Emerald Fennell and 9 other best rookie directors of recent times

From Emerald Fennell to Darius Marder, a number of rookie directors topped the top awards last year. With more independent films gaining ground under posters like A24, a new wave of storytellers is being introduced.

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The horror genre, for example, is flourishing despite the hegemony of authors like James Wan and Mike Flanagan. Several A24 releases in recent years offered notable debuts to future horror talents like Ari Aster, Rose Glass, and Robert Eggers. Some of these noteworthy rookie directors have also risen to popularity long before their directing careers began, including artists like Jordan Peele, Greta Gerwig, and Regina King.

10 Emerald fennell

Audiences may recognize Emerald Fennell from season 4 of The crown, in which she played Camilla Bowles. 2020 also marked her debut as a screenwriter and director with the dark comedy / drama. Promising young woman. Starring Carey Mulligan, the film subverts the tropes of a revenge thriller while focusing on a woman seeking to learn the truth behind a sexual assault case. With various reality checks and satirical excavations in a heteronormative and patriarchal society, Promising young woman made headlines and garnered universal acclaim.

The finale surely polarized audiences, but otherwise it garnered unanimous praise for Fennel’s debut. Currently, she is the only British woman to be nominated for an Oscar for Best Director.

9 Jordan peele

Along with his comedy partner Keegan-Michael Key, Jordan Peele had gained popularity with his sketch comedy series. The duo even acted in a feature film called Keanu, with other appearances such as Epic Rap Battles of History in which Peele played Muhammad Ali.

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No one could have guessed that the comedian would end up becoming one of Hollywood’s hottest new filmmakers with two horror movies under his belt. Your debut Salt it was an unexpected success with a unique sociopolitical tone of horror. It eventually won him an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay. Your second effort U.S it was equally a shocking horror with political overtones.

8 Greta gerwig

Greta Gerwig directing Saoirse Ronan for Lady Bird

In the same year that Peele won the Oscar, Great Gerwig was nominated for Best Director and Best Original Screenplay for his debut feature. Lady bird. A coming of age drama Lady bird followed a simplistic approach to documenting a high school student’s insecurities with friends and family. Instead of resorting to cliches, Lady birdThe raw and drama-free writing and directing style was highly praised.

Known for her acting roles in Frances Ha Y 20th century women, Gerwig continued her directing career with a more ambitious release, an adaptation of Louis M Alcott Little woman. The period romance / drama was equally well received and showed its versatility to switch genders.

7 Florian zeller

Florian Zeller directing Anthony Hopkins in The Father

The French novelist and playwright took a leap into directing with the lead by Anthony Hopkins The father. Adapted from his own play of the same name, Zeller wove an intricately emotional tale, attempting to recreate the life of an old man dealing with dementia. The film is a poignant portrait of old age without romanticizing any of the traumas that ensue.

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Flawless editing is employed in the film while Zeller’s script dissolves the line between what is real and what is not (without relying on surrealism as a shocking value). Part real life horror, part human drama, The father marks Zeller as a talent to be reckoned with.

6 Radha Blank

Radha Blank Forrty-Year-Old Version

Radha Blank’s Sundance Winner The 40-year-old version It was arguably one of the coolest movies of the past year, showcasing his acting, writing, directing, and even rapping skills. Although it is his first feature film, his mastery over his art can be seen by presenting an autobiographical and comic history of the midlife crisis and his theatrical career. Her character has a certain naivety and charm that makes her even more likeable.

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Before her breakthrough, Blank had served as a writer on Empire as well as She has to have it.

5 Ari aster

Before long, the first two Ari Aster films Hereditary Y Midsummer They have earned a loyal and committed fan base, establishing their status as cult classics for the future. Ari Aster is easily one of those new age directors who tend to employ more horror than actual horror. His films use disturbing images, but not to be scary, but to create a real sense of human dread.

And despite the visuals, the performances of its lead actors like Toni Collette and Florence Pugh are noteworthy to add to this fear. As both films continue to live in popular memory, Aster’s future horror experiments could contribute to their success.

4 Darius marder

Darius Marder in the middle of filming, as a public speaking instructor trains a child actor in Sound of Metal

Even before Metal SoundAt the launch, audiences had a clear idea of ​​the acting prowess of the leading man Riz Ahmed, thanks to on-screen credits such as The night of. However, the film managed to win everyone over, not only because of Ahmed’s committed acting, but also because of Darius Marder’s cinematic nuances. Having directed the 2008 documentary Booty, Metal Sound marked his film debut.

The film is about a drummer who loses his hearing and struggles to adjust to his new life. Much like what Florian Zeller did with The father, Marder also prioritized empathy over sympathy in his exploration of the deaf community. Selecting people from the deaf community as well as Hijos de Adultos Deafdos (CODA) as Oscar nominee Paul Raci was another important step in normalizing the on-screen representation of people with disabilities.

3 Remi Weekes

Remi Weekes with headphones behind the scenes

After directing two short films before, Remi Weekes made his mainstream debut with the BAFTA-winning horror film. His house. The 33-year-old filmmaker received praise for tackling a highly relevant immigrant issue and mixing it with the conventions of folklore and horror.

The ‘haunted house’ trope has oversaturated the horror genre over the years. The house in His house however, it is not a mere spooky mansion. It is a poor quality building ordered by the government for two refugees from South Sudan. As the protagonists struggle to adjust to their new lives, a paranormal presence haunts them. With creative storytelling and atmospheric world-building, Remi Weekes demonstrated his ability to reinvent a familiar narrative.

two Pink glass

Rose Glass sitting on desk against a wall with a notice board and photographs

Another element of exaggerated horror is emphasizing Christian rituals to ward off evil spirits. Rose Glass in its role Santa maud he reinterpreted this theme since the intense religious devotion of the titular character ends up taking its toll on his mental state. A masterfully edited slow-burning psychological horror, Santa maud it’s an impressive debut. Fans of horror shows like The Exorcist Y Carrie I would have a great time watching this new version of classic tales.

Glass was nominated for a BAFTA for Best Debut by a British writer, director or producer, but ended up losing to the aforementioned Remi Weekes.

1 Cathy Yan |

Margot Robbie and Cathy Yan on the set of Birds of Prey

Cathy Yan’s debut Dead pigs It attracted praise at Sundance in 2018, but was eventually released worldwide on Mubi in 2021. The Chinese-language comedy-drama was inspired by real-life incidents in which Yan worked as a journalist. The satire dealt with the sudden appearance of pig carcasses in Shanghai; a grotesque sight in an otherwise modern city. The parallel stories and China’s recent rendezvous with capitalism make up the rest of the story.

Yan, of course, achieved greater success after Birds of prey, the first R-rated installment in the DC Extended Universe. Although it may not rank as the best DCEU movie, Birds of prey It still benefited greatly from its eye-catching aesthetics, action sequences, and Margot Robbie’s always-reliable rendition of Harley Quinn.

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