Explanation of the original Star Trek Captain Enterprise before Pike & Kirk

Star Trek has had many memorable captains from the Enterprise, but fans often forget the oldest acquaintance, Captain Robert April.

The Star trek The franchise has had many memorable captains over the years, but the USS Enterprise’s first, Robert April, is often forgotten. The Enterprise was first introduced in Star Trek: The Original Series, which premiered in 1966 and ran for three seasons before being canceled. COUGH depicted the adventures of Captain James T. Kirk and his crew, a cast of characters that would become an iconic part of the Star trek universe, but Kirk was not the first captain of the Enterprise.

Before COUGH officially released, Star trek creator Gene Roddenberry produced a pilot that featured an almost entirely different cast of characters. This first pilot, later nicknamed “The Cage,” featured Captain Christopher Pike and a team that included First Officer Number One, Chief Medical Officer Dr. Boyce, and Science Officer Spock, who became the only character to also appear. in the rest of the series. . In the end, “The Cage” was rejected, and Roddenberry ended up creating Kirk and the rest of the band. Original series crew. However, what some viewers may not know is that, like Kirk, Captain Pike was not Roddenberry’s first choice for the main character. That distinction goes to Captain Robert April.

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The name Robert April appeared on Roddenberry’s first release for Star trek. April’s character description in tone matched many of the traits that were later given to both Pike and Kirk, such as their stubborn personality and penchant for taking risks. This makes sense, since Roddenberry’s idea of ​​how he wanted to portray Star trek The Captain essentially stayed the same throughout the many changes in both the tone and the pilot, with only the Captain’s name being changed multiple times. In this way, for a time, April was just one of the first versions of the character who would become Kirk. However, April was later introduced as her own character in Star Trek: The Animated Series, the short-lived cartoon that only ran for two seasons, from 1973 to 1974.

Robert April in the Star Trek animated series episode The Clock Counter Incident

April appeared in the series finale of The animated series, an episode titled “The Counter-Clock Incident”. This was the only episode of Star trek to host an apparition in April and established some of his backstory, such as his career as a Federation ambassador general after leaving command of the Enterprise, and his marriage to his wife, Sarah. For the episode, April was played by James Doohan, the actor who also played Scotty in COUGH. The animated series is one of the least known or appreciated Star trek sample, which likely contributes to the reason April is often forgotten or not referenced in the broader universe.

However, this recently changed when April’s name appeared in two separate episodes of Star Trek: Discovery. April was mentioned as one of the most decorated officers in Starfleet history in the Discovery season 1 episode “Choose Your Pain” and also came up in connection with Captain Pike’s appearance in Discovery season 2, as Pike was April’s first mate when April was captain. This seems to suggest that despite The animated series’ questionable place in canon, Robert April can be considered an established part of the universe Star trek story. With Pike and his Enterprise team ready to appear at the next Star Trek: Strange New WorldsIt’s even possible that fans will see another actual appearance from Robert April in the near future.

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