Falcon & The Winter Soldier Villain’s Identity Issue Hurts Show

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier features many potential villains in its first half, dividing the focus in a way that ultimately damages the show.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier It has received high praise during its run thus far, but has had a bit of a struggle in its first half developing the show’s villains. With the entire series spanning just six episodes, a host of new characters and plots have been introduced in a relatively short period of time. Falcon and the Winter Soldier You’ve done a good job of keeping both your action and your momentum high, but the initial lack of focus on your core conflict has hurt the overall program.

The first episode of Falcon and the Winter Soldier is more of a slow combustion, focusing more on the aftermath of the Avengers Endgame Blip that in any particular conflict. The Flag-Smashers and John Walker’s new Captain America are introduced in Episode 1, but are only seen briefly, with more focus on Sam and Bucky’s everyday lives. However, due to how quickly the story progresses after episode 1, neither Karli Morgenthau nor Walker get the full development their characters need. The show’s focus is divided between the two, and only becomes more divided as Zemo, Sharon Carter, and Power Broker enter the story.

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It is admirable how ambitious Falcon and the Winter Soldier It has been within her grasp, but that ambition has stretched her a little too far at times when it comes to the core conflict. By the end of episode 4, the hierarchy of villains and antiheroes is pretty clear. However, there are still many different threads that need to be resolved in just two episodes. Here’s how the series’ lack of focus has damaged the overall story so far, and how Falcon and the Winter Soldier you can fix those problems before you’re done.

How Falcon & the Winter Soldier got too far apart

When WandaVision MCU Phase 4 began, met with mixed reactions from fans. The show’s more experimental story structure was seen as a breath of fresh air for some, but others saw it as too different from the normal MCU. WandaVision It didn’t have a clear villain from the start, it revealed the central conflict (Wanda’s own grieving process) over time, and it left many details shrouded in mystery for much of its duration. However, WandaVision it performed well amid all those changes to the MCU formula because it kept a strict approach. There was a clear central character around whom the whole story revolved, and although different factions and stories appeared, they all felt somehow based on Wanda’s own arc.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier It has taken a much larger scale approach to its history, and while that has produced some great moments thus far, it has also had some more negative effects. Over the course of the first two episodes, the series introduced a series of equally weighted but relatively independent plots: Sam reconnecting with his family; Bucky in search of redemption for his past crimes; Karli Morgenthau and the Flag-Smashers fighting post-Blip political regimes; John Walker dealing with the weight of being Captain America and the new advent of super soldiers caused by the Power Broker, just to name a few.

While all of these stories are connected, they remain independent of each other, especially when looking at the story as a whole. Karli and Walker are completely new characters to the MCU, and neither of them knew each other, Sam or Bucky at first. That means the show has had to set up multiple new characters, different relationships for each of them, and their roles in the overall story in just a couple of hours, while still trying to focus primarily on Sam and Bucky. Add Zemo, Sharon, Madripoor, Power Broker, Battlestar, and Sam’s family to the mix, and the result is a show filled with many interesting characters, all of whom feel a bit stifled by the presence of so many others.

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Why Falcon & the Winter Soldier needed a clear villain

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier John Walker Captain America with Bloody Shield

WandaVision He didn’t have a clear villain for most of his career, and that didn’t end up being a problem. Falcon and the Winter Soldier He has clearly tried to do something similar by introducing various characters who are not quite heroes and not quite villains. Karli, Walker, and Zemo fall into this category, and while the desire to write morally complex characters is admirable, it may not have been the best decision for the show.

Because Falcon and the Winter Soldier It’s only six episodes long, it never had the time to fully explore four or five different stories. By having a clear villain up front, someone who presented an obvious and imminent threat, several of the show’s pacing issues could have been solved. Sam and Bucky’s reunion, which turned out quite rushed on screen, would have been a better fit if they had teamed up against a clear threat early on. The Flag-Smashers are certainly dangerous, but only because of the serum they stole from the Power Broker, a character who has yet to take center stage. If the Power Broker was played more meaningfully early in the show, it could have created a much stronger core conflict around which Sam, Bucky, Karli, and Walker orbited.

How Falcon & The Winter Soldier Can Fix Your Focus Problem

Two-thirds of the way through the show, both Walker and Karli have finally reached what appear to be clear roles: each other; two different examples of what newfound power can do to a person. Unfortunately, with only two episodes remaining, the series may not have time to give both of them a full closure while still centering the story of Sam and Bucky. Although the series has struggled a bit up to this point to fit into each character and plot point, you can come to a satisfying conclusion if you keep things simple in the future.

Presumably Walker will be removed from action by the United States government once videos of him murdering an unarmed Flag-Smasher go viral. While you should get a bit more history to wrap up your arc, the show can do better if you push it into the background for the rest. That would allow Karli to effectively join the same group of characters as Sam and Bucky, as they all team up against the Power Broker, with the possibility of Zemo reappearing as a wild card. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier It has been successful in many ways, and much of that success is due to its large cast of characters. It’s a shame the series wasn’t given the length of time to fully develop each of those characters, especially the villains, as fully as it could have.

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