Fear The Walking Dead: John’s True Tragedy [SPOILER] Explained

Fear The Walking Dead season 6, episode 8 included several twists and turns that left things on a bleak note, with a hidden meaning behind it all.

Warning: SPOILERS for Fear of the walking dead season 6, episode 8.

The real tragedy behind the death of John Dorie in Fear of the walking dead Season 6 is how and where he died, particularly how it happened after the grueling story of the episode. It’s fair to say Fear of the walking dead it is very far from what it was originally when it began; It is no longer about adapting and surviving the first days of the apocalypse, but about fighting the human villains born of that apocalypse, similar in many ways to the main one Living Dead Serie.

From the last part of Fear of the walking dead From season 5 to season 6 until now, the main villain of the series has been Virginia, the leader of the group Los Pioneros. They defeated and absorbed Morgan’s group into their society in the season 5 finale and have been manipulating them ever since, with John Dorie finally escaping from Virginia’s clutches in the season 6 midseason finale. Unfortunately, his Perceived salvation was interrupted several times before finally coming to an end in a tragic way.

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John became disillusioned with the world and could not continue killing, so he decided to commit suicide, but Morgan, Dakota and several walkers thwarted his plans. The sad thing is that while John was never able to let go of the past regarding Cameron’s death, discovering the identity of his killer, Dakota, ultimately led to his death. Choosing to see beyond Dakota’s murderous plan and wanting to help her is what gave her a purpose in life. Dakota not only took away that purpose, but also stripped him of his right to choose how he would die. Sadly, the deeper meaning behind where his body ended up (back at his cabin) and who found him (June) made things worse.

John and June met when she washed up on its shore. He took her to his cabin, took care of her, and eventually they fell in love. Part of their relationship reached a turning point when they had to kill all the walkers on the bridge, forcing John to accept the use of firearms again. On Fear of the walking dead Season 6, Episode 8, Dakota shoots John on that very bridge, after he helps her and Morgan clean up all the walkers. His body floated downstream back to his cabin, where June found him. The whole sequence is a perfect change from when John and June first met, except this time John didn’t make it.

To make matters worse, John quoted his father’s words, “It’s not too late,” and tried to save himself by holding on to a door in the water. At the beginning of the episode, he tried to find a door, which would have been the last piece he needed before dying by suicide. In the end, he hooked himself to a door to save his life, but it wasn’t enough. He didn’t want the walkers to eat him, but in the end, he became one himself. It’s a tragic ending, one of the saddest of all Living Dead has had a franchise for many years.

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