Fighting games that don’t fit the Street Fighter mold

Several notable fighting games have delivered gameplay mechanics and level designs distinct from Street Fighter, the game that many fighters are based on.

Such as CONDEMN casts a shadow on all modern FPS and Dungeons and dragons casts a shadow over all computer role-playing games, Street Fighter casts a shadow over contemporary fighting games, spawning now iconic features such as colorful character rosters, stun-blocking combos, and rock-paper-scissors dynamics for combat. The following fighting games owe a lot to Street Fighterconceptually, but they diverge in interesting ways from the Street Fighter formula, thanks to its original mechanics and innovative premises.

Street fighter 2, released by Capcom in 1991, pioneered and popularized the general gameplay structure seen in games like Tekken, Mortal Kombat, Y King of fighters even to this day: a roster of fighters will duel on a two-dimensional map, each with the ability to punch, kick, jump and duck. Each character has special abilities, such as fireballs, rising strikes, dash attacks, and counters, accessible with special button inputs. Hits are countered with blocks, blocks are countered with claws, and claws are interrupted with hits, and certain attacks can be linked together to create combos capable of stunning enemies, a gameplay mechanic that emerged in the original. Street fighter ii accidentally.

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Most fighting game franchises on the market adhere to this formula, preventing both newcomers and fighting game veterans from having to learn an entirely new set of rules in every game. (Many of these games also feature protagonists with similar move sets to Ryu from Street Fighter, so new players have familiar characters to start with). Some fighting games try to expand the Street Fighter formula with additional mechanics, as in the Super Smash Bros. platform game series and games from two to eight players. The following fighting games, however, are wildly different from Street fighter 2 by virtue of having completely different design goals.

Unique Fighting Games: Hellish Quart

Fighting games aren't like Street Fighter Hellish Quart

The realistic sword fighting game Hellish room, recently released on Steam in Early Access, is the brainchild of “Kubold”, a Polish developer who previously did motion capture work for The Warlock 3. Strongly inspired by Polish swashbuckling adventures and period dramas like The flood, the characters of Hellish room They are talented but deadly master swordsmen who can be taken down with a single hit to their vital organs. Among the list of the game are sabers sgold nobles of the 17th century aristocratic republic of Poland, musketeers with rapiers and feathered hats, and German knightly-looking sword bearers. The swords, garments and techniques of each character are based on the movements captured by movement of true practitioners of European martial arts.

Unique Fighting Games: Bravery Network Online

Fighting games are not like Street Fighter Bravery Network online

Like many popular fighting games, Gloam Collective’s Bravery Network Online is about a group of eccentric and colorful fighters who fight each other to the death in a blood tournament. In contrast to fighting games with contemporary or historical fantasy settings, Bravery Network Online takes place in a post-apocalyptic, post-singularity sci-fi setting: a world frozen in ice, with a high-tech tower whose immortal inhabitants (drawn similarly to the style of the Scott pilgrim graphic novels) challenge each other to deathmatches motivated by a mixture of boredom, the desire to earn social money, and their ability to automatically resurrect if faced in battle. Instead of taking on the role of one of the fighting game characters, the player plays the role of a sports coach who gathers teams of fighters, trains and equips them, and coordinates their actions in Pokemon-style, turn-based combat.

Unique Fighting Games: Gang Beasts

Gang Beasts cover art

Gang beasts, a group fighting game created by independent studio Boneloaf, can best be described as a “ragdoll physical fighting game”, in which primary colored cartoon characters spasmodically jerk each other in extremely dangerous arenas. . The deliberately cumbersome control scheme of Gang beasts allows players to hit, grab and jump over practically anything with their hands, allowing them to hit, grab and throw things at their enemies in chaotic rounds of combat by the game’s physics engine. The sham fights of Gang beastsWhere players try to stun and throw each other into the pits of death, they complicate themselves with dangerous arena maps such as the tops of two speeding trucks, busy subway systems, or an aquarium with a killer kraken in one. of the tanks.

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Unique Fighting Games: Fight Crab

Fight the crab duel of fates

Fighting crab is exactly what it sounds like: a game about crabs fighting each other. Like the viral video of a stray crab brandishing a kitchen knife, gamers Fighting crab Choose from a list of weaponized crustaceans such as snow crabs, long arm crabs, coconut crabs, mantis shrimp and lobsters. The objective is to hit the other player’s crab on their backs, a task with the help of a wide variety of crab-sized weapons, such as swords, halberds, throwing stars, pistols, hammers, drills, and pod racing engines, along with unlockable abilities like ki. attacks. Street Fighter, this certainly is not.

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