During the first two seasons of Fruits Basket, many of the main characters have experienced tremendous emotional and spiritual growth. Emotional growth can take many forms. Some characters have become more confident and self-assured, while others have become more receptive to their feelings and at peace with themselves.

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While some characters have seen greater growth than others, the quality of each character’s growth and the influence growth has on their story arc are of greater interest to fans. The mix of stories and backgrounds of the characters in Fruit basquet It’s what sets the series apart from other similar anime, and witnessing the growth experienced by each of the main characters is one of the series’ highlights.

10 Hiro sohma

At the beginning of the series, Hiro is not an easy person to get along with. He is stubborn, sarcastic and sarcastic, and he frequently complains and criticizes others. It takes a while for Tohru to warm up and constantly scolds her for being clingy or simple. However, he also really wants to be a better person, and after seeing Kisa become more confident and outgoing, he makes an effort to become more understanding and empathetic. While he still has a long way to go, he has begun to lay the foundation for further emotional development.

9 Sohma case

Since it was first introduced, Kisa’s physical transformation has been as pronounced as her emotional growth. Kisa was a voluntary mute due to the harsh bullying she experienced at school, and did not open up to other people other than Hiro or her mother. She bit people who tried to get too close to her and was generally very reserved and hesitant. By meeting Tohru and reconnecting with her mother, Kisa has regained her ability to speak and stands tall. She no longer walks like a scared child, but approaches situations with curiosity and courage.

8 Hatori Sohma

The quality of Hatori’s emotional growth throughout the series is more subtle than that of many of the other characters. He’s still the same calm, level-headed, and serious person he was at the beginning of the show, but under the surface, he’s undergone a sea change. Hatori has slowly accepted that he deserves to be happy, and his behavior towards the other Sohmas, especially his friends Ayame and Shigure, has relaxed considerably. He has also become more playful and fun, a sign that he can once again be lighthearted, something he hasn’t done since he had to end his relationship with Kana.

7 Kagura Sohma

Kagura fans first impression is that she punched Kyo in the face immediately after saying how much she missed him. Kagura is described as immature and temperamental. One moment she’s sweet and attention-grabbing, the next she’s violent and vindictive. However, starting from the episode in which she and Kyo have a conversation about their relationship in the park, she experiences significant emotional growth.

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Although she still loves Kyo and hates letting him go, she accepts that he does not return her feelings and learns to be at peace with her decision, underscoring how much she has matured and grown since the series began.

6 Ayame Sohma

Ayame’s growth is primarily focused on developing her relationship with her younger brother, Yuki. Before the events of Fruit basquet, Ayame acted nonchalantly towards Yuki and ignored Yuki’s treatment at the hands of Akito and his parents. However, at the beginning of the series, it is immediately apparent that he wishes to make amends with Yuki. He constantly monitors Yuki and even acts as Yuki’s tutor during the parent-teacher conference. Ayame goes from being completely self-centered and independent to being a protector and supporter of her brother and others, and this ability to focus on others is a sign of her deepening maturity.

5 Isuzu (Rin) Sohma

During the first season and a half of Fruit basquetRin’s development is almost non-existent, but all of that changes in the second half of season 2. It is during this time that fans learn how far Rin has come since she was hospitalized due to the abuse she received from her parents. His relationship with Haru gave him a new lease of life, and he made up his mind to protect him and the other Zodiacs from Akito by finding a way to break the Curse of the Zodiac. While she is initially suspicious of Tohru, by the end of season 2 she has come to understand Tohru better, even if she is not yet completely comfortable with her.

4 Arisa uotani

From her beginnings as a tough, thorny gangster, Arisa grows throughout the series into a mature and complex young woman. In particular, her emotional intelligence is greatly increased, largely due to her interaction and relationship with Kureno. He is not afraid to reveal his feelings to Kureno or to express his disappointment that he is unwilling to have a relationship with her.

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At the same time, she also accepts his decision and, although it hurts to acknowledge his rejection, she stands firm and respects his wishes. Arisa wears her emotions on her sleeve, and this willingness to express herself is a huge departure from the closed high school student she used to be.

3 Tohru Honda

Tohru Honda is one of the most communicative characters in all of anime. Your gift lies in your ability to help others see their potential, process their pain, and overcome difficult feelings. Where Tohru struggles is in expressing her own wishes and desires, and understanding her own feelings. However, Tohru made a huge leap in her emotional growth in season 2, when she made the decision that she wanted to break the Curse of the Zodiac. Her decision to break the curse, and the courage she shows despite Akito’s displeasure, demonstrate how Tohru has changed from a hesitant teenager to a determined young woman.

two Kyo sohma

At the beginning of Fruit basquetKyo is easily one of the least emotionally intelligent characters in the series, if not the least intelligent. He would get angry quickly, he was stubborn and overwhelming, and he would put his emotions aside or ignore his feelings completely. However, all of that began to change after he met Tohru. Kyo gradually became more patient, kind and collected, and even his hostility towards Yuki cooled considerably. He has accepted that he loves Tohru and wants to protect her and dedicate the rest of his life to her outside of captivity. His acceptance of his fate, while still fighting it, points to a level of maturity that was lacking at the beginning of the series, and how he has become more comfortable living in his own skin.

1 Yuki sohma

More than any other character in Fruit basquet, Yuki has experienced the deepest emotional growth until the end of season 2. At the beginning of the series, Yuki acted cool but deep down he was struggling a lot. He was filled with shame, self-doubt and was doing his best to block out the lingering trauma from the time he spent with Akito and his parents. With the help of Tohru and her friends, Yuki slowly begins to accept the events of his past and to forgive the people in his life who hurt him. He forgives his brother, his parents and has even shown signs of being willing to forgive Akito. His ability to forgive those who have hurt him and also have the energy to invest in the development of others underscores how much he has grown as he has transformed from an anxious and scared child to a confident teenager.

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